Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Amway Has Low Overhead?

 One if the selling points for the Amway business was low overhead (basically business expenses) and the ability to make quick profits.  But is this true or just another list of lies told by the diamonds?   Basically when you’re being pitched on Amway, your told that you can sell stuff to make money, and that you can save money by purchasing from yourself.  

Then because you gave low or no overhead expenses, Amway just makes sense.  But it’s all just a selling point because the upline diamond will then sell you overhead.  In other words, they will sell you on the vital necessity to purchase tools and functions.  I questioned this as a prospect and was told that so and so diamond was a multi millionaire and feels that tools are as vital as breathing air but I was welcome to go it alone and succeed where nobody else has (without tools).  

This is an outright lie because in the Amway business, the tools are your primary business expenses, or overhead.  Even if you manage to sell a few products to actual customers for a profit, more than likely you will still wind up with a net loss because the ongoing use of tools and functions can become expensive over time.  Many former IBOs have indicated that you can pile up thousands of dollars in losses over a few months and much more if you remain dedicated to the system and the teaching.  

Now the cost of tools and functions would be worth it if the system was churning out success stories on a regular basis. To try and up sell this, diamonds will show you examples of a new platinum or other pin, but won’t mention that a bunch of other big pins may have failed to requalify for their current t levels.  If you go and look up Amway revenues for the last handful of years, you will see that revenues were flat or in decline, which means business was not growing.  

So what does this all mean   Simple, it means joining Amway makes it highly likely, nearly assured that you will have a net loss of income if you join Amway and participate in the system of tools and functions.  Also now with covid 19, I can only imagine that the ability to recruit down line or approach others to sell products is greatly hampered by state or local restrictions.  Good luck to you if you read this and join anyway.  


Anonymous said...

The very definition of "overhead" is "fixed expenses that are essential for your business to operate, regardless of what your income is."

This would mean RENT for store-space. This would mean normal use of UTILITIES such as gas, electric, and water. This would mean SALARIES for essential personnel. This would mean recurring FEES and TAXES. This would mean regular MAINTENANCE costs.

All these things are genuine overhead, indispensable if you are to be in business.

But Amway "tools" do NOTHING at all for your business, other than cause you to pay out cash! They don't aid you in sales. They don't give you help with recruitment. They mostly just play you pep-talk speeches from past "functions." Everyone who has ever been in Amway or any of its rotten little subsystems knows very well that tools are an endless series of useless CDs, tapes, and books that only serve to drain you of monthly fees, and fill up your up-line's pocket. They are not real "overhead." They are a pretend overhead that you pay each month solely for the privilege of staying on the good side of your sponsor and your Platinum.

And yet, stupid IBOs keep on paying these absurd fees every month into the Amway racket. What jerks!

Anonymous said...

What i find interesting in my former group (URA) is that they have speeches from the Duncans (WWDB) that are part of the membership (app) package.

These are used to recruit new prospects so part of the whole "run the play" mantra is to send one of the Duncan audios (I think it is "Financial Stability in the 21st Century" although I may have the title slightly wrong.)

But the kicker is this. I can't remember exactly, but you would get one freebee to send to a prospect. But after that, you would have to spend I think $3 to send.

So here you already are paying for a membership which is billed monthly and part of recruiting is sending audios. And you are sending an audio of a guy not even in your group and you have to pay to send each one after your first.

And I was once told by a crossline IBO in the bigger group that you HAVE to be on membership in order to be an active IBO.

Just expanding on one tiny piece of how Amway is a bottomless money pit. But, then again, my upline Emerald (at least he and his wife were back then) always preached, "DON'T COUNT COSTS!"

Now, I know why.

Anonymous said...

If you "Don't count costs" you'll wind up on welfare.