Saturday, October 3, 2020

Amway Saves Marriages?

 Looking back, one of the really sill things taught by diamonds was that Amway saves marriages.  Of course I’m sure they didn’t poll the rank and file IBOs who may have gotten divorced, some possibly because of Amway.  One major stressor in a marriage is a lack of finances, thus the monthly negative cashflow for most “serious” IBOs can greatly contribute towards the health of a marriage.  

The diamonds would say that working together in the business actually helps strengthen a marriage and that could be true to some degree, but overall I believe the business and related activities actually become detrimental to marriages.  You also have to factor in social events that are missed due to dedication to the Amway business such as birthday parties, BBQs with friends, etc. 

I even heard a diamond say that Amway IBOs have a 2% divorce rate while everyone else has a divorce rate of more than 50%.  Of course that’s total BS.  I can name some diamonds from our own LOS - line of sponsorship, that divorced.  Wolgamott, Danzik, Kosage, Brooks.  Since there aren’t 200 US WWDB diamonds that I know of, the divorce rate can’t be 2%, but has to be much higher, plus there are likely other pins who have divorced.  

Now I normally wouldn’t care because people get divorced in this day and age but since the diamonds make a thing out of it, I may as well point out the hypocrisy.  And this doesn’t include WWDB rank and file divorces.  I know a handful as well but won’t mention names here.  

No, Amway doesn’t save marriages and don’t buy the BS if your upline tries to sell you on it.  


Anonymous said...

Amway saves marriages? What a crock of shit.

If Amway saves marriages, then alcoholism saves your liver.

Anonymous said...

My spy at WWDB tells me that divorce, adultery, remarriage, and wife-swapping are common in that AMO. The whole place is a regular Las Vegas strip-scene.