Friday, October 9, 2020

No Crosslining?

 One of the really stupid and hypocritical things that upline taught the group was no crosslining. In other words, if you had a different sponsor or upline diamond, you were not to talk about business with other business owners.  This is stupid because an effective way to learn techniques and to get tips is to talk to other rank and file business owners. 

If not, why are IBOs expected to attend (and pay for) meetings where a cross line diamond is speaking?  Why would IBOs pay for audios to hear cross line speakers tell them about the business?   The premise is that cross line don’t have a direct interest in your Amway business but it seems that cross lining is ok if your upline can profit from it. 

The real reason the diamonds don’t want you talking to others is because the absolute truth might come out.  That you may have been highly dedicated to Amway and the systems for years and did everything that was asked of you only to suffer a net loss of income.  Or that you did everything that upline taught you but you were still unable to sponsor a single down line.  

Another thing is that the rank and file might compare what they’ve been taught and begin to realize that they’re being scammed.  I once spoke to a cross line IBO and that’s when I started to realize how stupid some of our practices were.  I was an IBO in the old call in your orders and pick up the products.  Our group’s practice took hours and hours because you had to go to your sponsor‘s house And read off your list as they filled your order.  My cross line friend said their upline just put all your stuff in a box and noted anything that was not yet fulfilled. You paid and left in minutes. 

So this is just another example of stupid business practices taught and perpetuated by upline.  But the main reason is they just don’t want the rank and file to speak the truth about what’s really going on in the business.  When you have this kind of teaching, you’re better off running as fast as you can in the other direction. 

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Anonymous said...

When you talk to crossline IBOs in Amway, you learn all sorts of interesting facts that your up-line wants to keep hidden from you.

Most importantly, you learn that other IBOs in other lines are losing money at the same rate that you are, and are not getting a single recruit for their down-line. You also learn that the precious "tools" aren't a bit of use to anyone, and that you are not the only IBO who has noticed this fact.

You also find out that selling Amway products to non-Amway customers is about as profitable as trying to sell ice to Eskimos. Apart from a few pity purchases from your family and friends, nobody actually wants to buy Amway crap. You're stuck with it, and if you are on some kind of "Ditto" order plan with your up-line, you'll keep getting the junk month after month, to fill up your basement. When crossline IBOs confirm this with you, you'll begin to wonder what the hell kind of lousy racket you've been sucked into.