Thursday, October 1, 2020

Working The Business?

 If you’ve ever been an IBO, you probably heard from upline that a “serious” business owner has their mind on business and they are working it 24/7.  You needed that laser focus in order to succeed and to grow your business.  And that even applies to an IBO that has no downline. You’re supposed to sacrifice things like a bowling or softball league in the name of business.  Delayed gratification is what upline called our sacrifices.  

But keeping this in mind, it made me wonder where the diamond freedom is?  If an IBO with no down line is supposed to take the business so seriously that it consumes most of his/her time, where does the diamond have the time to go on never ending fabulous vacations or to do what they want, when they want?  

The more likely scenario is that a diamond is so busy trying maintain their business that they are probably extremely busy.  A diamond has at least 6 platinum down line legs that need help to maintain the diamond qualification and in addition to that, the diamond has their own personally sponsored down line that they are also trying to grow into platinums its above. 

While the diamonds want you to believe that they live a life of leisure and fun, they are more likely busier than if they just had a 9-5 job.  If you’ve been an IBO, you know how busy your schedule can be just to maintain your tiny Amway business.  What do you think it takes for a diamond who might have more than a thousand down line.  And in addition to the busy schedule, they also speak at meetings and functions.  

I highly doubt that there is much leisure and free time as a diamond.  They have simply traded a regular job for one with odd hours,  you can argue that the diamond doesn’t have to answer to a boss but imagine being a manager whose workforce mostly does little or nothing and you have no leverage to fire them, discipline them or require them to lift a finger.  

The diamond freedom is just an illusion.  There is no walking away to collect residual income for life.  If you stop, the income will shrivel up and eventually stop.  You’re constantly working for everything you have.  Is that what you really want from the Amway business?  

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