Sunday, October 11, 2020

Submit To Upline?

 Another cultish teaching that comes from upline diamonds is to submit to upline.  Sometimes it’s called being teachable but as you get more immersed in the system, you are expected to consult with upline did everything, including important life decisions such as getting married or buying a new car.  In retrospect, I believe it’s done because upline doesn’t want you making decisions that could hinder your ability to purchase tools.  

But they make it sound harmless, that checking upline can help you because upline has experience in the business and can tell you how some decisions can impact your business.  Sounds harmless but the upline teaches this more likely for their own benefit than for your benefit.  If you can recognize the game, you can see thru the idiocy of upline teaching.  

Sone upline even “counsels” their downline.  Can you imagine submitting to someone for such important decisions that can affect your life and your uplines qualification to do this is they joined Amway before you.  You could actually be a counselor but you would be counseled by someone upline with less qualifications simply on the basis that they joined Amway before you. 

When I was a IBO back in the 1990s, I was engaged to be married and my upline advised to to dump my fiancĂ©e because I could build the business faster and if I achieved diamond, women would line up to court a single diamond.  By then I had already smelled a rat with regards to Amway teaching so that was the last straw for me. 

I was a 4000 PV IBO at the time so I told my group what happened and that because of what happened, I had decided to walk away from Amway.  All of my group except 1 or 2 IBOs downline from me walked away when I did.  So my upline and sponsor went from direct distributor to less than 4000 PV and I do not believe he ever requalified at that level again.  

I do know that my sponsor was still active as recently as 2016 but I’m not sure if he’s still chasing Amway.  Being that he was a physician, I see it as a life wasted on Amway.   Submit to your upline is total BS.  

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Anonymous said...

If your sponsor was a doctor, he probably was making plenty of money before joining something stupid like Amway. Even the lowliest physician rakes it in these days.

This means that his motivation for joining Amway was based on some emotional or psychological need. Perhaps he was sucked in by the love-bombing. Maybe he was addicted to "edification." Or perhaps he just loved the companionship of hanging around with people who thought they were special. After all, the entire cult of Amway is based on the sick idea that one is a part of a chosen group of "go-getters" and tough-minded entrepreneurs who will become fabulously rich.

In any case, your sponsor is now just a tired old pill-pusher who never made it anywhere with Amway. What a waste.