Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Amway - Big Dreams Unfulfilled?

Many IBOs talk about their big dreams and goals. It is something used by uplines to entice prospects into joining. Financial freedom, early retirement, fancy cars, designer clothing and luxurious vacations. These are many of the dreams that starry eyed IBOs have when they join the Amway opportunity. While it is a good thing to have dreams and goals, I find it somewhat cruel to get people to dream of these things when it is highly unlikely that any of them will attain even a tiny fraction of these goals. Sure, some of the tenured folks in Amway may attain some wealth, but overall, as a whole, IBOs suffer losses when the cost of standing order and functions are factored is.

Amway's numbers indiacte that the average income of an active IBO is $115 a month. Factor in an IBO's time and expenses and in many, possible most cases, there will be a net loss. How do you attain your dreams while suffering a net loss of income? It is unfortunate that some uplines will teach IBOs that they are successful even when that IBO is losing money month after month, almost directly attributable to the cost of the system. All the while, someone upline is seeing their financial goals and dreams fulfilled on the backs of their downline in the form of tool purchases.

The rest of the IBOs end up having their dreams unfulfilled. In many cases, they end up worse off, having lost time and money, and in some cases, friends as they may have shunned their friends and family, casting them off as "broke" or "losers", just because they did not see value in joining the Amway opportunity.

So IBOs, honest question. Are you on track to fulfill your dreams? If you are, can you say the same about your downline? If the answer is no, what is your next step? Your upline may tell you that your key to success is to buy more tools. Be wary and analyze your income versus your expenses. If you are told to ignore these facts, be careful, be very careful.


Anonymous said...

JoeCool, I hope all of your dreams are unfulfilled.

vidyadhar said...

I would like to ask a couple of questions here. Is there a better option out there for most people to consider? I think not!

Is there another business opportunity for someone to grow so big without much "loss" as you put it?

I see value in all this. Lets just assume, for your happiness, I do incur monetary losses in going through the system. But do you realize the personality improvements that you see in people? Do you realize how much better their personal lives and personal relationships get, done the right way? Do you realize how powerfully positive people become after following the system? Sure the avg guy makes only $115. But guess what 95% of small businesses close down in 5 yrs and the guys go bankrupt as well. But no business is for hte average guy. Business is for the driven individual who along with having a dream has a work ethic to work toward it. And almost always there is an element of luck involved in any business.

So all in all, to the naysayers: Show me if there is a better opportunity or a shot at making it big for the Avg Joe who doesn't want to be avg. anymore, is willing to work hard for himself without the risks of big loans for setting up a small business without a backing of a support system.

Joecool said...


There are many options better than Amway. For most IBOs, doing nothing is better than Amway because doing nothing costs nothing. You speak of personality improvements, while it may be good, has nothing to do with running a profitable business.

And 95% of businesses do not shut down in 5 years. The SBA says 50% of businesses last at least 5 years and the ones who close, do not necessarly cliose due to failure. Some close as the owner retires or simply sells the business to do something else.

Anonymous said...

Joecool, you gave the perfect answer - doing nothing is better than Amway because doing nothing costs nothing. So to generalize, doing nothing is overall better because it costs nothing. Roger & over. But don't dare to expect to ever get something for nothing. It's just not going to happen. You expect something for nothing. You're lazy, broke and a loser. Just enough for a small man with a small dream. Don't even think big or dream big, your mind will short-circuit.

Joecool said...

Anonymous, you are a funny guy. Doing nothing and getting nothing is better than working hard and suffering a loss, which is what most IBOs experience.

Don't expect to get something for nothing? Isn't that exactly what IBOs are hoping for? build the business then walkaway and collect residual income while they walk the beaches of the world? In order for an IBO to get residual income, others have to be doing something and getting nothing.

Why you think I am lazy and broke is beyond me. Care to describe what exactly you have accomplished in Amway? I bet my job brought in far more income than you got from Amway.

Gina said...

Personality growth can be obtained without having to continue to incur a large loss with a front of a business.