Monday, July 13, 2009

Amway - Never Quit!

Never quit! That's what some uplines will teach new IBOs. They will make anecdotal comparisons about sports champions never quitting. For example, Tiger Woods will never quit in a golf tournament. While this may be true, the golf tournament will end and Tiger will play another day in another tournament. A football player may not quit, but the game will end and they will play another game on another day.

When someone says never quit, they mean don't stop trying, but it doesn't necessarily mean never quit Amway or never quit the tools systems. Many business owners at one time, have found themselves in a losing position. At times a business owner may have to make a business decision to close his current business due to lack of business, rent/lease is too high, etc. It doesn't mean that the owner is a quitter. This very same owner may open a new and very different business.

It appears to me, that some uplines use the catch phrase of never quit, and puts a negative label on those who quit Amway, as a means to apply subtle pressure to IBOs. I believe it is because an IBO who quits will not continue to be a customer of their lucrative tools systems.

IBOs and prospects need to take a critical look at their businesses. Take a look at your income versus your expenditures. Are you netting a profit or are you seeing losses month after month? Another vital factor is whether you are suffering a loss almost exclusively because of the expenses associated with the standing orders and functions? Some uplines will encourage IBOs to ignore facts, or they will try to instill hope with talk about success being around the corner, but these teachings are more likely self serving, to get IBOs to continue to buy tools, whether or not it is in the best interest of that IBO.

This message is to provide an insight into the straategy that some uplines will employ.


Anonymous said...

I was driving in the car with a very successful professional who routinely comes in contact with business entrepreneurs from all types of industry.

I asked him what was on the of the common characteristics of the successful business people he has dealt versus those who have failed.

His answer surprised me.

He said that the most successful people he met all knew how to quit. And these successful people quit many times before attaining their success.

He said, "If you have enough guts to start a business, you should have enough guts to close it if it is not working."

He said the most common failing he saw of entrepreneurs is that they do not quit soon enough. And by staying with a business that is not working, they dig themselves even deeper in debt.

I personally believe it is still possible to build a profitable Amway business in the US. And I hope that ibos can and will make it happen.

But they also need to put some parameters on their expenditures.

If they have not acheived their goal by certain date or a certain amount of money invested, maybe they should consider something else.

- MichMan

Levi said...

Exactly what I try to tell joe and his anti-amway fanatics. If your upline is teaching a way that is draining you financially and telling you "just hang in there and you will make it" you will either know when you should get out or your bank account will gladly let you know.

too many times I hear the lame old excuse, my upline taught me... blah blah. If you stuck around long enough listening to what was not working and you did not get out until the worst happened to your bank account then I have no sympathy for you. It is a harsh world and people try to get by however they can. I try to tell people that if you are going to do MLM know how to make money so that any expenses can be paid for from it not from your personal bank account.

Joecool said...

Levi, by the time your bank account is broke, isn't that too late?

You have to remember that many sponsors are friends with those they sponsor, so there is some degree of trust and new downlines don't know any better, thus they are vulnerable to upline advice and suggestions.

Anonymous said...


levi said: "too many times I hear the lame old excuse, my upline taught me... blah blah. If you stuck around long enough listening to what was not working and you did not get out until the worst happened to your bank account then I have no sympathy for you. It is a harsh world."


In other words, you take a "let the buyer beware" approach to much of the Amway teaching that is out there.

Great idea.

But why isn't that taught from stage? Why don't the Diamonds teach people to beware of the advice they may get from their upline?

All I ever heard was talk like this:

"Your upline has been there before. You need to listen to them."

"If you are serious, you will be at the next convention."

"Your upline has your best intrests at heart."

"Real leaders are going to buy one of these (cd packs, ticket sets, etc) for everyone in their group. Are you a leader?"

"You can't afford it? You can't afford NOT to do it!"

"Your wife says no? If she is as broke as you, why are you going to listen to her?"

"If your parents are discourging you from spending money in this business, look at the fruit on their tree. Are they financially free? Do they drive a (fill in the blank with a luxury car) like your upline Diamond?"

"Your upline would never tell you anything that would hurt you."

And yes, Levi, it would have been nice if all of those types of instructions were balanced with WISE financial counseling.

"... but if you cannot afford to go to the function, stay home."

"If you haven't made any progress since the last convention, stay home."

"If you just finished another month in the red, stay home."

"If you haven't made money for 12 months straight, stay home."


Mudslinger said...

Hmm... interesting, weak however
but interesting,

Joe, I take it you are no longer an Ibo, correct

Anonymous said...

My parents are discouraging me not just from spending but even from building it! They don't want to take a look at the business to get a general idea about it. They know it all before they even get to see it. Plus, they are negative and sarcastic in life, not just when it comes to this business. So, I looked at the fruit on their tree and I'm not impressed one bit. They aren't financially free, they're financially stressed out and don't have much else of positive significance to be fair. So I guess that Diamonds are right about it; if your upline has been there before and overcame it, you need to listen to them and apply. That's common sense to me.

Joecool said...

What kind of fruit is it when diamonds go bankrupt or cannot pay for their homes? What kind of fruit is it when they quit or go to another MLM?

Anonymous said...


Please compare YOUR fruit on the tree versus YOUR PARENTS.

No offense, but last time I heard some kid complain that his parents had no fruit on the tree, he admitted he was eating their food and living in his parents basement because he could not afford a house (or his own apartment).

No his parents were not financially free... in part because they were still taking care of their adult son who was mooching off of their generosity.

- MichMan

mrmaximum said...

"Hmm... interesting, weak however
but interesting"

Then i'd like to hear your rebuttal as to the failure rates in Amway. Not everyone is lazy who enrolls, some work their butts off and are happy to do it for the promised riches which have a very high tendency of not coming in at the end of the day.

The only weak position is the one where Amway works. There is ample evidence where it doesn't, period

Anonymous said...

mrmaximum, no one is ever promising riches unlike the lottery that promises you the freedom once you start to imagine it... imagine the freedom. So get your knowledge straight. A business plan is shown but it's just a plan. It's not a fulfilled plan. You got to fulfill it.

Mudslinger said...

ooh, period says the big man. I dont really care if amway works or not this is just some trash talking blog where everyone is right and no one is wrong get a life.

Anonymous said...

no, mudslinger, YOU need to get one.

Anonymous said...

Amway does work... just doesn't work for everybody... otherwise everyone would be doing it.. everyone on here who says it doesn't work either has never done it or you are probably socially awkward and don't know how to talk to talk to people.. and to everyone else who says this is a so called "pyramid scheme" just shut the Fuck up!!! Seriously.. how can you say this is a "pyramid scheme" when the dead end job you will working for the rest of your life is a pyramid scheme.. I'm sorry that you are the percentage of the people in this world who are embarrassed at the fact that maybe your not the best at everything...

Amway IBO Officer ..

Anonymous said...

fuck off, you piece of low-life scamway shit!

**proud Amway hater**