Monday, July 27, 2009

Amway - Duplication?

Many IBOs are taught that "duplication" is the key to success in Amway. It is why so many IBOs are deperately trying to sponsor downline. It is why, in my opinion, so many IBOs will use any tactics to get people in front of the plan. I have heard of many zany tricks and deceptive practices by IBOs who are recruiting potential downline.

Unfortunately, even IBOs who are able to sponsor a few run into problems. That problem is retention. Downline come and go with great frequency. Many IBOs come and go because they simply do not make a net profit and they quickly lose interest in "doing the work" for so little reward.

I will agree that duplication can be a vital part of being successful in business. But in real business, an owner will duplicate himeself/herself by hiring employees. The employees perform certain tasks in exchange for a wage or salary, and allows the owner to accomplish certain tasks that he/she cannot do single handedly. If the employee is compensated fairly, they tend to stay, and in jobs where minimum wage is the standard, they often have retention problems and have to hire and train new workers with regularity. It is no different in the Amway opportunity. Those who make money, although the exception, will stay, and the vast majority of IBOs, who make little or nothing despite their efforts, will leave. It is that simple. If IBOs were actually making that extra $200 a month or maybe even an extra $150 net profit, I would guess that they would continue to be in business. But like a real business, when they do not make money, they fold up and do something else, which may be simply working harder at their jobs.

While duplication is a good concept on paper, it doesn't work because not enough IBOs make a net profit. There is no continued interest in staying in a business where they spend more on tools and products than they take in. Groups who focus on the prosumer or buy from yourself concept make it worse for downline as they have little or no sales to add to their bottom line.

If IBOs and prospects would see and understand this concept, they could avoid a lot of pain.

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Hmmmm....the Pro-Amway apologists are sure silent!!!

IBOFB slow on giving marching orders???