Monday, July 6, 2009

Amway - Why Do Amway Recruiters Need To Lie?

One thing I have noticed recently is how many Amway recruiters cannot or will not recruit prospects by telling them the virtues of Amway. It appears that insulting people's jobs or lifestyles is a common recruitment tactic by many IBOs. They try to instill a fear in recruits to make Amway look good.

Common tactics will be falsehoods such as 98% of Americans are dead or broke by age 65. Or they will make up outright lies such as 95% of all small businesses fail in their first year. They talk about the bad economy, or how starting a conventional business is a bad idea because there is some start up capital needed. While a conventionl business does involve some risk, you have a decent chance of succeeding, provided you plan well, and put in the necessary effort.

Planning and putting forth effort doesn't necessarily result in Amway success. As far as I know, there is no evidence that standing order, or functions guarantee any degree of success in Amway. Sure, Amway defenders will state that all of the (few)new diamonds were on the system, but will ignore the thousands if not millions of IBOs who also were on the system, put forth effort, and did not experience a profit.

At functions, one things I remember seeing was the fabulous toys and lifestyles of the diamonds, but there was no mention that these toys and luxuries were made possible by tools income or other sources of income outside of Amway. I understand that AMOs now mention tools income, but do not elaborate as to how you qualify and what the compensation will be if qualified.

It is my informed conclusion that Amway recruiters lie - because they have to. The business is a tough sell because of past unethical IBO behavior, such as tricking someone into attending a recruitment meeting. Factor in the high overall prices of Amway and Amway partner store products and the pyramidal compensation plan and you almost cannot recruit people in the US without some degree of shmoozing and deception.


Levi said...

this coming from one who does not even share the average american's pain. you live above average with your primary income able to well sustain you whereas the people you broadcast to dont. Most americans dont have several months of C.O.L. (cost of living) in thier bank accounts whereas you do (from what you say) most americans are affected by the down economy whereas you claim you are not. most americans have a hard time finding jobs or even making over 10 an hour whereas you state you do not. And most of all You claim on one of your blogs you were able to put in thousands of dollars into this business each month where the average american could hardly afford a couple hundred.
Tell me Joe just how well do you relate with your audience? you are not one of us, from what you say you are not even the average Joe.
You sound alot like those diamonds you seek to exploit who flaunt the high living.
Strange is it not that your main crowd is people like Gina, rlaurens,maximum,and such the like who dont live like the average american. Your group seems like the kingpins of society trying to tell us how to live and putting down the average american trying everything and anything to climb that finacial ladder. how can you help them when you clearly dont share their problems?

Joecool said...

Levi, where did I say I was wealthy. I am comfortable and satisfied with what I earn. I
have no debt except for my home, and I have savings and a decent nest egg set up for retirement. This is all provided by my job. A job that I could not have obtained without a college degree.

rlaurens said...

What a pathetic excuse...
First, it's ad hominem attack against the critics:
- Jobs bad, Quixtar good
- Employee mentality bad
- 95% people dead/broke by 65
- Quixtar diamonds are more successful than any of you critics
- blah..blah..blah

After being shown that the critics are actually successful financially, it's argumentum ad misericordiam:
- IBOs are weak innocent people, why do powerful critics attack us ... boo hoo hoo.
- Critics live in ivory tower, IBOs are just ordinary people try to make a living

Whatever. The blog and forum posts are there for all to see.

Levi said...

I have a job, It pays my bills, however I cannot save a decent savings let alone save for retirement. I choose to sell goods and duplicate this business in order to produce the income to be able to do these vital things. It is not a scare tactic it is just a necessity. rlaurens what is your job or are you also one with a carrer, nest egg, savings and no debt? If so then yeah you cannot relate to us who dont. yet we get criticized by those who dont share our pain since we dont have what you have.

Also, I can post my grim budget, how about you JOe, Laurens? care to show that your budget does actually give you room for comfort, ability to save for emergencies and a nest egg? I ask this because maybe I will try your carrer since you are doint what I am looking to do. But I understand if you dont, cause like most anon IBO's who come on here claiming incomes when they dont, there are Clock punchers who cliam above average conditions when there is not. Prove it.

Levi said...

People like laurens and Gina hide behind practicly a anon tag since you cant click on it and get more information like you can with joe. why is that?

Joecool said...

Tell you what Levi, if you will post your budget, I will do the same.

Anonymous said...

This IBO passive-aggressive BS routine is really getting annoying......

Why is it that IBOs so "associate" themselves with people who are struggling to get by - but at the same time want to "disassociate" that same group and be Diamonds??

You only want to be with the strugglers when you think it makes you look noble....

BTW - Thank IBOFB and his crap/junk e-mails for why I post "Anon" now.

My ivory tower training came from growing up in an Army household on a Staff Sergeant's pay - no Disney World trips every year here! - though we did get to move 13 times in 17 years! So I think I know what it's like to live spartanly (or below)

If you think having a gazillion dollars solves everything....

Anonymous said...

I also post anonymous because I do not trust IBOFB. He might try to out me or do something to expose my family to harm. He is a liar and cannot be trusted.

rlaurens said...

"If so then yeah you cannot relate to us who dont. yet we get criticized by those who dont share our pain since we dont have what you have."

What a bunch of nonsense. Isn't appearance of wealth being shown excessively on your so-called seminar/conferences? So, does diamonds relate to you then? How about platinum? Gold? Silver, maybe? Or you relate best to at least 3% founder (hint: ibofb)?

If the critic is rich: then he cannot relate to poor old you. If the critic is poor: then he's unqualified to 'coach' you about success.

If you want to reach me, here's my disposable email:

Gina said...

Wait....why would Gina be any less or more anonymous than Levi? Do you know me? Care to post your SS#?

Levi said...


Levi said...

how would that be anything like your P/L

Anonymous said...

Just shut up, kids?

Anonymous said...

anon @1:46, just fuck off, dipshit? =)

**proud Amway hater**