Monday, July 20, 2009

Amway - Failed IBOs?

On a recent blog post, a frequent reader here and author of his own propaganda pro Amway blog, Levi refers to me (Joecool) as a failed ex Amway IBO. He doesn't qualify his statement, nor apparently has he read my story. My highest level in Amway was 4000 PV. At that level, I didn't make any money, primarily because of the costs of the system. Levi himself admits that he isn't making any net profit, at least in his latest version of his story.

But what exactly is a failed IBO? It goes back to the IBO who quits? Maybe we need to examins why IBOs quit? Maybe earning $10 a month while purchasing $300 worth of expensive goods each month gets tiring? Maybe spending an additonal $200 a month learning to purchase expensive goods gets tiring? Maybe losing money whole being called a winner is tiring? It's funny how IBOs will call others failures when they themselves are not making a profit and will refuse to even talk about the details of their business.

Many people in the US are interested in making an extra buck, but unfortunately, the Amway opportunity is not the most efficient way to do that. The average IBO, according to Amway earns $115 a month, and that is after disregarding inactive IBOs. If not, the average IBO actually earns about $70 a month. But let's use $115 a month. IBOs work about 10 - 20 hours a week if they are "doing the work". Assuming they work 10 hours a week, they earn a whopping $2.87 per hour. If they work harder, maybe 20 hours a week, they earn a hearty $1.43 per hour.

Why IBOs think that quitting this opportunity means failure is a mystery to me. Seems that quitting an opportunity like this is a smart financial move. Seems to me that staying in a system where you lose money or "reinvest" all of your profits for a zero net gain is more of a failure than moving onto a better opportunity.

IBOs and prospects need to simply look at their bottom line, and the answer is clear.

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Anonymous said...

I know that it is possible to quit being an IBO aand still get your $150 back, Where on the website can you do that?