Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Amway - The Fruit On The Tree? What Fruit?

I had a good chuckle recently when some Amway apologists spoke about looking at the "fruit on the tree". One commentator said his parents were broke and he looked to his diamond since the diamond apparently had fruit on the tree. I thought about this concept and I agree, that perhaps we should look at fruit on the tree.

IBOs and Amway prospects, please ask your upline platinum or diamond to show you the fruit on their tree. Ask them to see their (business) financial statements. This is actually a common practice in real business. When a friend of mine sold his business a few years back, he made three year's worth of income tax returns to show prospective buyers.

As far as I know, not one single bigger pin has ever shown their business financials. In fact, if it made certain bigger pins look good, why wouldn't they want to "show their fruit". They certainly don't mind showing off diamond rings, fancy clothes, sports cars and the like. What many IBOs don't understand is that fancy cars and other toys is no evidence of fruit on the tree.

It has been discussed that some diamonds may rent cars or fancy homes and try to imply that they own these items. Some diamonds, possibly many diamonds in the past have lied or embellished the truth about paying for everything in cash, including their homes and cars. They also at times, have given the audience the impression that these luxuries are all purchased with Amway income, and we know that many diamonds have probably had supplemental income from the systems, or other business ventures outside of Amway.

We also know that some diamonds are in debt, but simply try to portray an excessive lifestyle. (See Ruth Carter's Book: Amway Motivational Organizations, Behind the Smoke and Mirrors). Some diamonds may have a substantial income, but it doesn't mean they are financially free and able to live a jetset lifestyle that many portray. It is an illusion, possibly to be able to attract new prospects into the business.

So yes, let us actually see the fruit on the tree. Is there any fruit?


Mudslinger said...

I can show you some friut on a tree

rocket said...

If there was fruit, it would be shown. However, it's common knowledge for "leaders" in Amway to flash big checks but not actually disclose real income.

If you flash checks to prove your point, you haven't got a point.

Amway, if they actually were serious about providing a real business opportunity would cease that immediately.

I believe Eric Sheibler said in "merchants of Deception" that you could actually BUY copies of his upline's (Fred Harteis) bonus checks!

That's not fruit, that smoke & mirrors.

The only fruit that Amway "leaders" are interested in is the easily gotten rotten fruit from the motivational scam

There is no fruit in moving Amway products efficiently, and being in "plugged" into a system.

The only fruit in Amway is gotten by the corporation for their overpriced products.

Sal S said...

ok Joecool and rocket...First off. you probably had a bad upline. but ive seen tax return from my upline platinum and diamond. along with bonus checks. Also i watched my crossline Stephen Winters go platinum and ruby in a year and saw both returns. The LTD Team in Amway is by far, a growing organization in Amway. Ive watched three friends make it and I myself are also on the same path. I have personally been to my upline diamond Danny Snipes beach house. been in it for the weekend. seen an rode in his cars. Ive been to Double Diamond Larry Winters Farm. Idk what organization of Amway you might have been in or attempted but i know this; that Amway does work. and 9 times out of 10, the people who say otherwise are too lazy to achieve those goals or dont have faith enough to go after them when the result arent immediate because the microwave mentality of this era expects results in a day. Its a legitimate business with great bonuses when you put in the work. its not a get rich quick scheme, its not something for nothing, and its damn sure not a scam. And to let you know this. im not a platinum yet and i have made money with Amway. Also 2 years ago they dropped their prices about 33% to make them more affordable with the economy today. And June of this year was their 1st $1-billion dollar month.

So please. im not trying to bash you, but unless you put forth at least 5 years of, honest hardworking effort, and been through the walk of the business to the fullest. Or maybe try the Leadership Team Development system. I had the same view as you before i got started back last year. But i figured if it was only $190 for a business licence, personal retail website, and a product kit; i've blown money on worse and took the risk which in return was a blessing and the values of the team have helped me in priceless ways along with financially.
I dont know you personally, and maybe you dont know about the new business, or the fast track incentive program. But people are getting in now and sometimes making as much as $2000 their first month. Normally around $500. Again, you reap what you sew.
So please don slander something you have not done proper research on.

Sal S.

p.s. again this is not a reply to start an argument but to simply set the fact straight. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Joecool said...

Sal, LTD is a scam and I can show you why but you left no contact information.

twint8daze said...

You reap what you sew. That simple. If you've been in and you felt like you were the one being scammed, look at what your upline has been sewing. You may be that bad seed he has sewn.
Every former IBO that whines "scam", and the ones that have never been in but "know someone", need to remember it's not a get rich quick business. It's a work your butt off for a few years THEN sit.
Any business, short of maybe buying a McDonald's, requires a serious effort to build. Ray Kroc did all the work for you building McDonald's into the empire it is so you don't have to when you pay your $2million for a guaranteed money making Micky D's. There's a true get rich quick business. But, look at what you must have to start it.
For less than $200, you start a small (emphasis on small) business that, if you're willing to work at it, can POSSIBLY make you thousands and tens of thousands of dollars. How much was that iPad that lets you blog about "scamway"? Now that was an investment in the future.
MOST BUSINESSES FAIL. Amway is no different. It's a business. Some, a few, make millions of dollars after years of hard work. Many do not. Some, the ones who think once you sign up Amway starts mailing you checks, start web sites or blogs dedicated to blaming someone else for short comings that lead to failures. Sometimes (i.e. a bad upline sponsor) it is someone else, who maybe doesn't have it all together, leading you. The blind leading the blind... And you feel scammed. Who wouldn't? But what did you do to change that? If the guy leading you is a putz, and has no idea which end is up, find someone who does. That's in any situation. Especially, in a business. Again, Amway is no different. It's a business. If the upline sponsor is an idiot, go higher up till you find someone who does know what he's doing and let him teach you what to do. Be the master of your own destiny.
Try opening a McDonald's with no training or with managers that are clueless. See how long it stays open. Leadership and training. Who are you following? A leader or a putz?
Are YOU a leader or a follower? Are YOU following a leader or following a follower? You can call it scamway, but who is responsible for YOUR actions? or inaction?
Do I think anything I've said will change your mind? Nope. You will probably never change it. But just because someone is unsuccessful at a business, doesn't make it a scam.
Just because the guy who is supposed to be leading just crawled out of his mom's basement and started an Amway business two months ago is a putz, doesn't mean the multi-BILLION dollar company is a scam.
Yeah, some diamonds are in debt. Some diamonds are putting on a facade. How many rappers or professional athletes are making millions but still in debt? Or RENTING that million dollar home and 200K car? I guess the NFL is a scam, too. The entire music industry is a scam. Every singer should just start getting checks the moment they get signed. Yep, definitely a scam.
Did you read this far? Are you gettin' hot, yet?
Are you taking responsibility for your own actions? C'mon, Joe. Are you, really? How long were you in? How long did you try? Who's responsible for YOUR success? Or lack thereof?

Hey, Feel free to contact me. I'll take you on. show me why it's a scam. I have nearly a whole 6 months in the business. Or do I need to wait until I'm a diamond?

Anonymous said...

that is, if you have enough money to GET to diamond... =P

Anonymous said...


Yoyo's Boutique said...

LOL! They only persons that scream scam are the lazy asses! i went from not having a hope to go to college ever (without a student loan) to now having my parents being able to send us both my sister and i to UIC out of pocket! yeah, this is a scam! haha!

Yoyo's Boutique said...

Yeah i guess my parents being able to pay for college out of pocket is a scam too! Amway got us this. What am i even doing here? Lazy Idiots. Your IQ level is through the floor. When you don't owe a mortgage (rent a home) or even the phone in your pocket then we'll listen.

If other diamonds did not know how to manage their money that is their issue.

Anonymous said...

some bullshit

Anonymous said...

Sal, I totally agree with you. I am a business owner, and professional. Starting my Amway/LTD business 4 years ago is by far the best career choice I have ever made.

Anonymous said...

oh look, two idiots!

Unknown said...

I laugh at people who put Amway down. They don't understand how business systems work, or they are lazy. Once you start getting around 400 dollars in your business, it starts to pay for itself. You just need to keep your downline happy and motivated to do the same and eventually you will build it up big like Larry Winters.

Joecool said...

The problem is that 99.5% never et anywere close to earing 400 dollar in Amway.