Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Amway - What Joecool Was Taught

When I was an IBO, I was taught many things. Most of the things my upline taught were (looking back now) detrimental to my business but beneficial to upline. Now I was an IBO over 10 years ago, but that doesn't invalidate my experience, especially when there is plenty of evidence that the same teaching continues today, and many of the same upline leaders are still in power today.

One of the first things taught was to check your ego at the door. Submit to upline. Always check upline first, it couldn't hurt. Ironically, IBOs are told to check upline for mostly everything, yet upline takes no responsibility for an IBO's failure, they only take praise for any success an IBO enjoys. Our group was even told to check upline before making any ourchases such as a new camera, a new car, or even before having children. I suppose this is because upline certainly didn't want you to suddenly have an inability to purchase standing order and function tickets.

We were also taught, and this was stated on a True North Tape, that you cannot cancel a standing order if one of your downlines quit. The reason stated was because it was too much trouble to call upline who called upline to cancel the standing order. Strange, but there was never a problem to call upline to call upline to add a standing order.

Our groups were analyzed by movement of standing order and function tickets. Upline never really gave a hoot about our PV or product sales. When I asked about the Amway requirement to have outside sales to customers, I was told to ignore that rule because nobody checked on it.

Our group was also taught that in addition to standing order, we should be ordering 5-7 extra tapes each week because we should be listenng to new material every day. Additionally, we were encouraged to buy extra function tickets because we didn't want to sponsor somemone right before a major function, only to have it sold out prior.

I am from Hawaii, so major functions costed well over $1,000 as I needed roundtrip airfare in peak travel months, plus hotel rooms, rental cars and other expenses associated with traveling. It is why I was unable to generate a profit, even with a 4000 PV business and what man consider proper paramters (I sponsored 12 personal downline). I was in the WWDB line of sponsorship.


John said...

Joe, as i have stated before sorry about your grief in your experience in this business. I was approached in ways much like you speak on your site. But when I chose to be a leader and make my own decions (right off the bat) I was never challenged by my uplines or told I had to do anything. I just sold products. I have been in Amway twice, once in 1999 and just recently 2 years ago. I would have stayed in the business the first time but I had found myself in troble with the law and spent some time away. Amway does not judge me for that (unlike jobs I have tried to apply for) they just say dont do anything like the such while being an IBO and now with a family to support I can respect that. I have sold things (non amway) on the 3rd street promadan in Santa Monica, CA. and while there is competition everywhere I was profitable and no one could tell me what to do. why is it IBO's believe that they dont have the ability to be Independant? If you are an IBO and are in the situation that Joe describes then stand up, you cannot be kicked out for not subscribing to standing order or attending functions and defiantely not for producing pv's. all those things would costitute the business a pyrimid scam if they enforced that (but they dont).

Joecool said...

Levi, I attended functions with tens of thousands of IBOs. What about them?

I was sponsored by a good friend who I trusted. That's how I got caught up in these functions and the system.

Mudslinger said...

Well joe you're an Idiot. oh well.