Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Amway - Build It And They Will Come?

I recently posted a profit loss summary, provided by one of my loyal readers here, named Gina. It provoked a lot of good discussion and I believe it gave IBOs some good insight about tracking business expenses and business income. However, I have yet to see an IBO who is forthcoming enough to post a similar statement about their Amway business. Now we are not asking for specific details with names or personal information, but what would be so hard about identifying how much their sales and bonuses came out to and how much was spent on functions and other related expenses?

Basically, as was explained on another blog, if the Amway opportunity was as good as IBOs seem to think it is, why is it so hard to get people to see the plan, let alone sponsoring new people? Is it because most IBOs are not actually making a net profit? I would have to guess that if IBOs were actually making a decent net profit, say $200 a month even, that the retention levels in Amway would be much better than what it is now.

So for IBOs, I say build a level os success and prove it. And prove that it is sustainable not only for you, but also your downline. That will be all you need to recruit others. There would be no need to use deception or trickery that IBOs are well known for. When asked if you are making money, you won't have to change the subject and talk about how you are a nicer person or how you are a better husband or wife. You won't have to analyze semantics to spin the conversation away from actual net profits. If you are asked about a profit/loss statement, you can produce one and stand proudly by it as prospects take a look.

People looking to get into business generally care about the bottom line. If your bottom line is a net loss, then you are at a loss as a business. But if you build it, others will come to you to join. This may nto be news, but attending a function or listening to a new standing order is not an income producing activity. Selling products for a profit is. Remember, build it and they will come. Fake it till you make it doesn't work.

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Gina said...

Yeah, where is that IBO P/L? You would think that the IBOs would be jumping at the opportunity to put my liitle ol P/L to shame! The biz is the best right??? Then where is the problem with proving it??