Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Amway Versus Gambling?

This blog post is not about comparing Amway to a game of chance, although sadly, Amway's ultimate results have less success than gambling, For Amway and Gambling, "hope" is the common thread that hooks people and keeps them involved. Why does Amway appeal to some people despite the overwhelming odds? I believe it's the same reason why people enjoy gambling and what keeps people hooked on both. Like gambling, the Amway opportunity (the way it is often presented) represents "HOPE". Hope it is why people buy a lottery ticket. Hope is often the reason why people gamble as well. One pull on a slot machine could result in millions. Amway is not a game of chance but it represents hope. As a young prospect, my sponsor would ask how else any of us could become rich or millionaires? The answer was zilch. My sponsor would say that the Amway business represented our "best" chance.

Everyone needs hopes and dreams. It's what keeps most people going. Without hope, many people are susceptible to depression or they may begin to wonder what the purpose of their life is. In some instances where people take their own lives, it is common for that person to have lost or given up hope. Without any hope for better things or a better life, they give up and may do the unthinkable and take their own lives.

Where I believe some Amway leaders are scum is when they give people false hopes and dreams and use it to profit handsomely likely knowing that their downline will never profit in the Amway business. I've heard from some former pins who had witnessed some of the bigger pins making jokes about the dreamers in the audience who keep coming to seminars but will never make it. These folks want success so badly that they literally have tears in the eyes. They will work the business hard but they won't make it. The system is designed to have a few successes with many participants. A good example is the common 6-4-2 plan where all 79 IBOs moved enough volume to earn a bonus, yet only one platinum is created from that volume. The rest, if on the system of cds, seminars, voicemail and books will likely operate at a net loss despite doing the right things and putting in the effort. It's just really sad to know that so many people have big hopes and dreams that will never be fulfilled.

Some groups of diamonds will display a "diamond lifestyle" showing off golf trips, fabulous vacations, mansions, cars and jet skis. Do all of this with no job and the money is unlimited and keeps rolling in. This is what some groups will portray as the goal for many young and newbie IBOs. They'll says things like "anyone" can do it. While anyone can do it, anyone can also win the lottery or anyone can make million in Las Vegas. No, Amway is not gambling, but the representation of "hope" is often what attracts people to gambling, Las Vegas, and Amway. Both (Amway and gambling) have few winners and a multitude of losers.

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