Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Believe In Amway?

I often hear stories and testimonies about how some people (usually newbies) have this incredible belief in Amway, their sponsors and their LOS, such as WWDB or Network 21. Being that many, possibly most IBOs are sponsored by a friend or family member, means that there is an inherent trust in the sponsor or upline. If that were not true, then we would likely see many more complaints about Amway and/or the uplines and lines of sponsorship.

But an important facet of being an IBO is to have a dream. Don't let "naysayers" steal your dream, is what many IBOs are told. But what is that dream? Is is a dream (a long term attainable goal) or a wish such as winning the powerball lottery? Many prospects and IBOs want to succeed. They are willing to work hard, and are very dedicated, I would say that these folks usually will end up failing, not for lack of effort, but for a flawed MLM/Amway system that cannot possibly reward more than a few. The famed 6-4-2, 6-4-3 or some other variation of the plan will illustrate that only 1 in 100 or so can be "platinum". And that's with nobody quitting. Factor in attrition and "do nothings" and it might be 1 in 200 who can reach platinum. Even if the whole world signed up for Amway, that fact doesn't change.

Do you really believe in Amway and your line of sponsorship such as WWDB or Network 21? If you truly believe in Amway and your mentors, I challenge you to do one of these things. If you can't or won't, then I question your level of commitment. I question your belief. I'm not here to steal your dream. I am just challenging you.

Take your 6-4-2 or 9-4-2 or 6-4-3 plan to a loan officer at a bank and show them the plan. (Hey, it will help you be CORE) Ask the loan officer for their opinion of the plan and see if you can get a business loan based on the Amway plan. If not that, try seeking the advice of a real millionaire (Someone who has a net worth of a million bucks) and see if they think the 6-4-2 or other Amway (version) plans can work and whether they think Amway is a good idea. Heck, try asking your church Pastor. My church Pastor said Amway had too many false hopes and promises to be considered a viable business option.

How strong is your belief in Amway? Strong enough to take my challenge? Or will you ignore this and go on fooling yourself?


kwaaikat said...

Defenders may say they don't need loans, because IBOs don't make debt. You've debunked that many times, but that's what they will say.

Here's my answer to that. They also deride JOBS. So to all IBOs: If a bank loan can pay your salary, so that you can resign your JOB earlier, dedicate all your energy right now to Amway, wouldn't that greatly benefit the business? Surely if hard work gets rewarded, it would help. Come on, go and see the bank. Than you can resign from that dreaded job and exploitive boss, and spend all your time in the business earlier. The interest on the loan would pay for itself many times over.

Or is JOB the lesser of two evils over having a loan? If that is your answer, then say so: "A JOB is bad, but it is better than borrowing funds anywhere, to finance my Amway business, because I trust my JOB more to finance my needs and business investment, than I trust my business to deliver to match my JOB".

Or maybe if you are too shy to approach the bank, or worse, maybe you don't really believe?

Or maybe the bank staff are programmed to not get it.

So here's an idea. Joecool also suggested going to a wealthy person. Now what better way to find wealthy people with money to play with, than in your upline, even if you have to bypass a level or two to knock on the right door with the available means. Approach the guy who was on stage at the previous convention. Prepare a presentation if you can't get his time to talk to him. I mean, there is a wealthy person, and one who understands the business and not swayed by unfair media and internet coverage, and I'm often told a benevolent person who really wants you to succeed for your own sake. Ask such a person to lend you a few months of salary, so you can really move your business to the next level. If he is hesitant then ask him what it would take for him to lend you the money. You have a business plan with which he's obviously is excited about, you show dedication etc. Surely he would see it would be selfish to buy yet another boat, over helping a committed newbie to succeed where he can easily recoup his investment and profit (if he wants to, he'll probably insists that he lend the money interest free). To be fair, he can probably easily lend you the money AND buy himself a brand new boat.

My commitment is that if anyone can show how they secure a loan to build their business, I will shut up.

Joecool said...

Great comments and a great idea to approach upline for that loan!