Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Amway Works If You Work It?

The Amway business works if you work it! That's what many Amway enthusiats will claim. I do not believe that is true and I will further explain in this post. Many IBOs who claim that the business works are usually new and are unable to show any evidence that the business actually works, except perhaps to show a dated photocopied check from an upline diamond or the like. Some IBOs are taught to fake success and pretend to b successful while losing money each and every month.

Let me make a disclaimer that "some" people do make money from Amway, but most of those folks are tenured diamonds who are in an exclusive club. And these diamonds often do not make all their money from Amway. A significant amount of income is generated from the sale of cds, voicemail, books and seminars/functions.

Also, there is only a short list of new diamonds that I know of in North America, and I have heard that even these new diamonds may have had legs in other countries. It would seem that Amway is severely declining in sales and revenue. Amway sales peaked at about 11.8 billion about 3 years ago and has declined about 25% since then, with the last revenue/sales figures sitting at 8.8 billion.

Ok, so Amway enthusiasts claim that the business works if you work it. Business in its simplest form is selling a product or service for a profit. Yet many many IBOs spend so much of their time doing other things, as advised by their upline "mentors" who sell them training materials that take up much of their valuable time. Listening to tapes/cds, attending functions, reading books, and other training activities not only costs the IBO money, but takes up valuable time in non -income producing activities. Nobody makes sales reading books or attending seminars. Furthermore, these books and seminars do not necessarily result in IBOs being able to move more product as a result. Inviting people to see "the plan" may be a way to help generate volume if the prospects join, but with Amway's reputation, even this is a hit and (mostly) miss activity.

Yet IBOs spend almost all of their time doing these activities (the work) when they could be better off not getting the training and focusing on selling the Amway products and services. Even that comes with a handicap as Amway products as a whole, costs a lot more than purchasing similar or the same products at a big retailer such as Costco or WalMart. It is why most IBOs eventually get discouraged and quit far before the promoted 2-5 year plan.

Few people will even bother to see the plan once you mention "Amway" and for those who are open minded and motivated to register end up having to deal with a hard to sell opportunity along with high priced common commodities such as soap, vitamins and energy drinks. It's pretty easy to see that the business does not work, even for most of those who actually work it. There are simply too many issues with the business that hanidcaps those brave enough to try. It seems even the fiercest defenders of Amway are unable to provide a shred of evidence that they have actually made a profit from this opportunity.

I believe Amway doesn't work no matter how hard you work it.

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