Sunday, October 22, 2017

Never Quit And You Will Make It?

My former sponsor always used to tell me that if you never quit Amway, you will "make it". The saying was that even if you took 30 years to go diamond, it will still be worth it and better than having a job. The problem that most people don't see with this statement right away is the very real possibility that you can spend 30 years in Amway and never make it. My former sponsor has been in Amway for 24 years now and he's below the platinum level. I highly doubt he will ever go diamond. But if he does, will it be worth it? 30 years of endless training CDs, books, functions and meetings. All of that for no assurance of any reward for the future. I might add that Amway can get expensive after years of attending training and purchasing all of the other training.

Conversely, my job will provide me with a good living, and a pension after 30 years of service so I'll be retiring very comfortably in a couple of years, at the age of 55. While my former sponsor is a physician, I can guarantee you that he will still be working when I retire to go and travel the beaches of the world. Fortunately for me, I never stopped saving and investing for my future even though I had my brush with Amway. For that I am truly thankful because I'm near the end of my working career and will enjoy an early retirement with enough cash to travel around the world and to live comfortably.

But the upline cleverly teaches people not to quit because it keeps a subtle form of pressure on the dowline. Pressure that quitting will result in ultimate failure. That quitting could be stopping just before succeeding. That success cloud be "right around the corner". This is what is used to keep people doubting and hoping and hanging on to the thread of hope that Amway will eventually pay off and that people will magically begin to join your group and suddenly you will be propelled to diamond. But the sad reality is that Amway doesn't work that way. If you struggle to sponsor new people or even to show the plan, you will never go diamond or achieve the high levels in Amway because your ability to recruit downline is the direct key to success.

But something serious business owners must consider is the possibility of quitting Amway to do something else. Quitting Amway doesn't mean you have quit trying to succeed at other things or that you have quit trying to accumulate cash for your golden years. Sometimes it's a wise business decision to quit something, especially when that something is causing you to have negative cash flow, such as Amway. A second job may not be sexy or a quick way to get rich, but if you put in hours, you will get paid. It was a second job that allowed me to lay the foundation for the cash I've now accumulated for retirement. During my time in Amway, I quit my second job but I went back to it after my time in Amway. Amway actually set me back a bit but luckily I snapped out of it in less than a year.

But please take this to heart. Never quitting is insanity if you are not getting positive cash flow from your Amway business. SOmetimes the best decision is to cut your losses and find another path to take. I'm sure glad I did.

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