Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Amway ""Partner" Stores And The. BBB??

I recently saw comments on this blog from an apparent Amway defender. The comments extolled the virtues of Amway partner stores such as Nike and Apple. To be honest, I don't know if Amway actually partners with Nike and Apple but let's say they do. What does the partner store designation mean? All it means is that Amway IBOs get to list Apple and Nike stuff in their catalogues. If they manage to sell any Nike or Apple stuff, they get a commission paid by NIe or Apple through Amway. But of course, because of the IBO bonuses and because Amway needs to make some money on the transaction, the prices of Nike and Apple products in the Amway catalogue cannot compare (in general) to to big retailers or even Internet shops like

Assuming that Nike and Apple are truly Amway "partners", they have a one sided partnership. Nike and Apple don't do anything for Amway IBOs except to allow them to sell their products for premium prices on a commission only basis. Meaning is nothing gets sold, Nike and Apple do not have to compensate anyone. It's a no brainer for Nike and Apple. If people sell your stuff for top prices, you pay a commission but if they sell nothing, you pay nothing. It's a great deal for Nike and Apple, again, assuming they really are Amway "partners". Heck, if JoeCool made "I hate Amway" stickers and Amway wanted to be my partner, I would do it too. Nothing to lose and much to gain.

Now, about the BBB. I don't know what Amway's rating actually is because they could be "A' rated in Michigan for example, and not "A" rated in Arizone. The rating has a lot to do with Amway dealing with complaints to the BBB. If they deal with complaints, then they might get a good rating. However, many people are sponsored by friends and family and simply do not register complaints about Amway even if they had a bad experience. But even if they registered, it was likely against an LOS (Line of sponsorship) such as BWW (Britt Worldwide) or WWDB (WOrld Wide Dream Builders) or N21 (Network21). These are for profit third party companies designed to help recruit and train Amway IBOs and who profit even if Amway IBOs lose their shirts. Often these groups are not rated with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Individual Amway IBOs who do bad and unethical things are also not registered with the BBB so their bad behavior would not be rated by the BBB.

Why do you suppose Amway has such a bad name reputation while their IBOs brag about Amway's alleged BBB reputation? IBOs and their training companies are not Amway. It's very possible that Amway would not approve of the things done by individual IBOs or the training groups but Amway for too long (in my opinion) has profited because of the bad behavior of the lines of sponsorship and the bad behavior of individual IBOs who they claim they can't control. Perhaps if Amway cannot contain the bad behavior, they should not be allowed to profit from this bad behavior and should be fined or have restrictions imposed upon them like Herbalife did last year.

I believe I have thoroughly debunked the partner store and BBB myth, but I'm sure Amway IBOs and defenders will be back to raise the issue again soon. LOL


Anonymous said...

Amway has to spout the silly lie about "partnering" with big corporations because Amway is basically a small-time operation, and the people in Amway are very defensive about that. So they fantasize this nonexistent "partnership" with Nike, Apple, Macy's and whatever other company allows Amway to list some of their products. Hey, we're "partnering" with the big guys!

It's total bullshit. These big corporations don't give a hot about a dime-store soap-and-vitamin racket like Amway. They just let Amway sell some of their stuff.

Imagine if Macy's department store gave some bum a few bucks to sweep up their front entrance. Would the bum be justified in saying that's he's "partnering" with Macy's?

That's exactly what these big companies are doing with Amway. Amway is just a bum who's been allowed to sweep up their front entrance.

Anonymous said...

"only to discover that I was not profitable!" Explains perspectuve

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

To Unknown at 9:51 AM --

You're certainly stupid enough to be in Amway. How much money have you lost so far in the racket?

You can't even write a coherent English sentence to express your opinion? Better go back to grade school, pal.

Unknown said...

Theres always a solution to a challenge or a there will be not in network marketingg.but i like to here both form my own oppion.few things i agree with yu.your anology about the parner corporation .is in my opion.possibble a have truth for possibble un educated.way way way back about 30 years ago.i heard aman talk about the topic about this topic about the bum amway an parner like nike an apple.lets jus say that yu were at a certain level in the copensation plan to recieve x amout of money.but if yu perchase lets say a tv at macies at a high yu ran the yu made lets say 300 more.would it matter how much yu paid for the tv if yu wanted that tv an buy it at the store yu like to shop at.i agree yu got to be wise in bussness management.theres constant tools coming out to help nnetworking an regular companies to make a profit.back in the day .this was done old school now we have block chain alrorthiums an ai.un an just old fashion savy nest..leaders fight thru adversities an learns from mistake.the professional network marketing companies have evolve an brought value possibilities to humanity.contantly learning how systems work same things. In tradtional bussness.both are yu show up do your job.get paid.the a differant kind of bussness..yu know this yu were at the 4000 pin level.most people dont know even what that i said its been over 30 years .but if my memory serves me right.thats about.low side 8000volume up to high side 9500 bussness volume.yu said yu lost that level.mentor ship an guidance or councling.or doing your home work about your structure of your bussness..i dont know why yu lost money .but if i was a betting man.yu might of not know something untill after the it might have set yu back to were yu lost it was challenging for yu to come back from that..thats how life professiinal network.or in the job or career woorld.but for what yu have learned in networking that waas negative still turned out possitive for yu..thats freedom.choices.losing the fire.ambishion..or the commitment to follow thru on thing.yu nor anyone else are perfect in this land of opportunity.thank yu for educating people on being there desion to BECOME A PROFESSIONAL network marketor. .building leader with differant personalities then yoursto sustainablity investing in keep being a impact in this world.we so despartly need.i hope what i said yu understand.reflection on are mistake an were we went wrong in the first step in personal growth.some time people cant step back from the mountain an look at this type of modle from a bigger picture .those who can.go on at what ever they put there hands to do will succeed at good an the bad..i love it cause truely thats a level playing fair an we all know lifes not fair..but unfair doesnt define yu.or me in life.its livin life an helping the knowlege experience we learn every day.good an bad.

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Anonymous said...

Unknown @ December 1: I would strongly recommend that before you consider the merits of Amway pyramid schemes or any other occupation, that you seek at least an elementary education level.

Unknown said...

Someone who has no clue about Amway is actually making a blog post about it.. Woah! What a shocker MR. Expert ^ Doesnt even know about partnered with Amway, I get it freedom of speech, but I'm sorry you failed in the business but do we need people in the 98% club so that you can work for the rest of your life and us over in free enterprise will be livin it up and enjoying life☺ You seem like a great writer maybe you should do something better with your time. lol.

Anonymous said...

To Unknown at May 13 --

We know PLENTY about Amway here at this blog and website. The endless testimony that has appeared here from countless persons who have experienced the lying bullshit of Amway is proof of that. Amway is a rip-off and a scam.

As for Amway "partnering" with big companies, that is a total lie, and you know it. The only thing those big companies do is allow Amway to sell some of their stuff to IBOs at a small discount. That's not "partnering," you jackass! Big companies become partners with someone who is their equal. They don't become partners with a dipshit nickel-and-dime MLM like Amway.