Thursday, October 5, 2017

Is Your Amway Business A Joke?

I hear Amway supporters often mention that you will have a real business if you treat it like one. It is my informed observation that most IBOs do not treat their businesses like a real one, despite following the advice of their trusted upline. It is also my opinion that the Amway business itself is flawed and many IBOs, in their zeal to sponsor downline, do crazy things at times, such as tricking people into meetings or being deceptive about what they are doing. Many IBOs never sell a single product and never sponsor any downline. How can anyone build a business under those conditions? Yet that is the most common experience for newbies.

Many IBOs do not bother to qualify their prospects. They will sponsor anyone who is breathing. It could be due to uplines making the business seem easy. For example, I have heard that going platinum is so easy that someone's dog can go platinum. Another mistake IBOs make is they do not look at the likelihood of an IBO succeeding. They will sponsor anyone, anywhere. Like real stores, opening a new one creates competition and I don't know of any IBOs who take this into consideration before recruiting a new prospect. The solution to a faltering business is apparently to attempt to open more "Amway stores" despite a lack of sales. Or the solution is to buy more tools and training, as if spending more money will help a faltering business.

New recruits are also encouraged to partake in the teaching system, regardless of their expectations and business goals. This participation in the system is what often leads to IBO failure and business losses. They spend more on tools than what they generate in income. This heavily contributes to the poor retention rate among IBOs. Even IBOs who can progress and make some money will be channeling their profits to upline by their tool consumption. It is my informed opinion that an IBO must reach the 4000PV level or platinum level before they start to break even. And If I might add, according to Amway's stats less only about 1 in 400 IBOs reach the platinum level so you are already facing overwhelming odds just to reach the break even point in Amway.

Here's the real test for an IBO. Walk into a bank. Speak to a loan officer and show the loan officer the 6-4-2 or 9-4-2 plan, whichever plan your group uses. And see if the loan officer will grant you a business loan based on that plan. It is more likely that you be laughed out of the bank. Seriously, the plan only makes sense, apparently to people who are unable to properly evaluate a business plan. That's because the presentation is more about selling dreams and hopes than about business and actually generating a profit.

Do you have a real business or a joke?


RMWJR Technology News and Notes said...

Apparently you only have "heard" and have never attempted to become involved from the first person perspective. Until you do, your opinion is worth very little if anything at all. Until you actually walk in the shoes of a true Amway IBO, it would be best to, for you as well as your readers, to consider your tirades as FAKE NEWS.

Joecool said...

Apparently, you did not read my profile? I was a 4000 PB IBO, just below platinum. I know quite a bit about the Amway business and how it works. Or ot most cases, how it doesn't work. Now that your statement has been debunked, I wonder if you'll come back with any real points to debate?

Anonymous said...

Joe didn't make Platinum and the little amount of work you did do was 10 years ago. You are so out of touch...and now that we have cleared that up the rest of us can get on with our lives. Your opinions and 5% facts and 95% fake. Get over your bitterness.

pinkvictim said...

What a bogus, intellectually vacuous argument.

I've never been in a car crash, but I can opine, with a high degree of certainty, from observation of those who have, that it's bad to be in one.


I've never been in a category 5 hurricane, but I can opine, with a high degree of certainty, from observation of those who have, that it's bad to be in one.

Come back when you have something a little better, Dragon Breath.

PS: Care to share your Schedule C?

Joecool said...

So anonymous comes back with more insults and nothing of substance. Not that it's surprising. Anyone see the irony of him posting that on a thread titled "Is your Amway business a joke"?

Just another angry IBO. likely losing money while defending his precious Amway business. LOL

Joecool said...

Rick again? My stat tracker shows our friend "Rick" is still leaving comments!

Anonymous said...

This "Rick" of Liberty Marketing is just too much.

He accuses us of wasting our time on this blog, but he continues to read it and lurk at it, contributing posts anonymously.

What a putz.

kwaaikat said...

Neither Rick, or whoever, nor anybody on a previous occassion when you posted this challenge, has offered any defense of the Amway distributorship being a joke.

Joe, the fact that they leave comments at all, attacking you, yet without even a vague reference to the topic, means there is acknowlegement that your blog is being read and on the radar, but also concession that the points made are valid and they don't have answers.

It is obvious it makes some potential or current downline think. Ironically, Rick's mindless attacks should be much more encouraging than the rest of us saying: "good point Joecool, we agree".

Anonymous said...

Like our President, anytime they don't want to debate actual facts and statistics and reality they just wave it off as "fake news". The 2017 version of putting one's fingers in their ears and saying "LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU! LA LA LA!"

Insults, sneering and arrogance is their way of "winning" an argument since facts aren't on their side. Even Amway in the small print says that less than 1% of people will ever make any money. One makes more money putting that time and effort into collecting bottles and cans.

SoCal Bussiness Man said...

I know Amway does not work and it walks on the backs of people with mostly good intentions. I was in WWDB, under Jimmy Head and I drank the kool aid. It went no where, I was young and ambitious. It is criminal what they do to the mind and heart and then wrap it up with Jesus. God have mercy on them running the show... that being told, I run a national business now that I started while I insisted on believing. So I know business from the ground up, Amway is a scam... I was raising my three daughters with the lovely wife, she died in a car accident while going to do "Pick-UP" project... Guess what raising 3 young girls and running my other business--- after one week I NEVER HEARD from my upline---NOT once. Makes you wonder, I lost my dream!!! NO, I found my life.

Joecool said...

Thank you for your comments and condolences and prayers and best wishes for your family.

SoCal Bussiness Man said...

Thanks Joe,
I have been blessed and employee a lot of people, WWDB bashed employers talk about a load of horse puck, I support over 70 people. I don't fleece them.

A few years back I saw Brad Duncan with his wife in Spokane landing they had the mink coats, jewelry. A small crowd greeted them like the second coming of Christ. I felt like yelling out "Why did you not help your Brother Greg from filling Chapter 7.. I thought you paid cash for everything". This site reveals there is nothing behind the curtain but FALSE dreams.

If you have a job do more then your best and always look beyond. Amway is mental bondage and financial loss... Talk about crushing a dream!

Joecool said...

The Duncans are fakes. I was in an audience when Greg Duncan said people who take out loans are stupid because then you owe the bank interest. He said diamonds pay cash for everything. Funny how a triple diamond defaulted in "interest only" loans and had homes foreclosed and filed chapter 7.

I wonder if he's recovered by now or if he's still treading water due to his bankruptcy?

I remember a touching story Greg told us back in the 90's. He said some day when his daughter gets married, he's going to sit down with his son in law and ask him what his best (job) offer was and then pay him double to work for him and enjoy freedom traveling around the world. The audience was touched and people crying. If only they could have seen what would happen in the future.

I believe WWDB is shrinking and I heard that function venues are getting smaller so it's possible that the diamond income is shrinking. Also, Amway sales have been tanking. Since 2014 to now, Sales are down about 25%. That's a big hit to someone's lifestyle I suspect.