Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Amway Recruiting?

It’s been fairly quiet around here and I haven’t seen too much Amway activity online or in real life.  It’s a bit off because Amway’s lifeline is to recruit an endless stream of new recruits to bolster their business which is wrought with turnover.  

Over the years, Amway had all kinds of different recruiting campaigns.  There was the buy from yourself concept where you basically bought your own stuff and recruited like minded people.  Of course with little to no sales to actual customers, your income was dependent on down line purchases and was doomed to failure.  

Another campaign was the private franchising which tried to trick people into thinking that Amway was a franchise opportunity which appears to give you a greater chance of success if you just follow the system.  Another novel idea which fizzled out.  

If Amway was a legitimate business. You could have storefronts and sell products to retailers.  You could actually make money by selling products without any tools or functions.  There might be some people who have found a niche where they can sell some products but overall, these stories are rare.  

That just leaves IBOS recruitment as their only realistic means or expanding business but the fact that most people who join do little or nothing before quitting makes this option another one in a gazzillion chance.  The fact that most people never sponsor a down line should also be a wake up call. 

Good luck if you see this and choose to keep going. 

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Anonymous said...

The refusal of Amway to allow any of its products to be sold in a normal manner in stores or other retail outlets is a definite sign of an MLM pyramid scheme.

The whole idea that is the driving engine behind Amway is NOT products. It's the down-line and up-line structure!

This structure makes possible the sale of tools and function tickets and the endless fees that enrich up-line. The only thing that keeps down-line in is the prospect that they too will someday have a big down-line. The products? Don't be absurd! Any of the big pins in Amway will tell you that you could substitute horse manure for the Amway line of products, and the scheme would still be workable.