Sunday, August 2, 2020

Never Ending?

I’ve noticed how stories about Amway failure is never ending.  Nearly everyone knows someone who had a brush with Amway that didn’t end well.  Most have a brief stint, quit and move on.  But many invest time money and effort only to get screwed by upline as they are advised to keep investing into a money pit business.  

What makes it worse is that the training is never ending as if selling stuff and sponsoring others is so complicated.  Amway IBOS think they’re investing in an Amway education but the reality is they are funding their upline’s lifestyle.  The Amway education is often compared to college which is BS because college eventually ends and then the person goes off to find work.  

The IBOS just keep spinning their wheels often getting nowhere but digging a financial hole.  Sone find that after a year or two that they’ve lost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars trying to stay the course and to do as they are advised.  In the end, a large group of Amway IBOS can suffer staggering losses.  Do the math, if a group of 1000 down line is a diamond group spends $250 in a month fir tools and functions, the diamond can gross $250k.  After expenses they might earn $150k or more, some of which might be shared with platinums and above.  

But I just wanted to give you a glimpse of the magnitude of the scam perpetuated on down line.  It’s scary and can make you angry when you think about it.  The insidious part is that the down line think the diamonds are actually helping them.  I just hope prospects and IBOS continue to seek and find information.  It’s why Joecool hasn’t quit blogging.  

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Anonymous said...

In Amway, the Diamonds want most of their down-line to "fail," but in a specific way. They know that a few hotshot types will go Platinum, and they accept that. After all, Platinums do most of the heavy work in Amway, and the Diamond really needs them to keep the bulk of the down-line obedient and productive.

But most IBOs won't really do anything except pay fees, buy tools, attend functions, and purchase a certain amount of Amway stuff every month. In a few cases they'll recruit some other IBOs who'll do the same. After a while most will quit, but a small cadre of fanatics will hang on (usually what are called "CORE" types). The job of the Platinums and the Diamond is to "keep the churn going," which simply means replacing those IBOs who drop out with new recruits, and keeping them in a state of hyped-up excitement.

This is comparable to the frenetic old comedy routine where a man keeps plates spinning on the tops of wooden poles. He keeps trying to put up more plates, but when some fall and crash he simply starts a new plate spinning on that pole. The idea is "Keep those plates spinning!" That's what "the churn" is in the Amway racket.

In the long run, most of the individual plates fall and crash. But the comedian doesn't care. As long as he has a series of plates spinning, his comedy routine is successful.

The Diamond in your Amway up-line doesn't give a shit about you as an individual. If you drop out, he forgets about you. As long as he keeps "the churn" going, his Amway racket brings in money for him. In his view, the best case scenario is if you continue to stay in Amway, paying endless fees to him, while not really getting anywhere at all.

That's the way Amway is "never ending." If you quit you are replaced, and if you stay you just keep sending cash up-line. If you become a Platinum, well... that only happens in one out of 99 cases, so it hardly matters.