Friday, August 28, 2020

Is Amway Wilting?

 Most if not all of us have never had to deal with a pandemic and all of the restrictions and changes to our lives that comes with it. Sadly, covid has claimed many lives, although it appears that it’s mostly those with already existing health issues.  The hard part is that you don’t know who’s got it so there are times you must treat others as if they are infected just to be safe.  

But the Amway business is a lot of person to person and a lot of personal contact in order to recruit and to train other IBOs. But in the new covid society, there’s a lot of distancing and some cities have mandated mask wearing.  I haven’t hear much but I would think it’s safe to assume that recruiting downline must be very difficult if not non existent at this point.  

I have read and heard that functions are now conducted online but the diamonds are still mostly charging full price.  And that’s despite the fact that the diamond virtually has no expenses in running functions because there is no need for a venue.  So much for diamonds caring about your success.  If there’s no expense for a function, why do they need to charge full price when they are allegedly taking in the cash from Amway?  Think about that for a minute.  

Being that the covid has affected the world. I can only assume that Amway revenues are wilting because the ability to recruit has been greatly hampered.  I have gone looking but I assume that IBOs have been using social media as a way to attract and recruit new prospects. Just out of curiosity I may go and seek out someone who’s on the recruiting trail.  

Stay safe and socially distance!  

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Anonymous said...

My pal at WWDB says that revenues are way down -- about 40%. But everyone in WWDB has been ordered to say publicly that business never was better, and that the Wuhan Flu lockdown and the economic crisis are proof that Amway is the only financial option left for people.

That's the perpetual Amway policy -- lie through your teeth and never stop.