Thursday, August 20, 2020

What’s Better Than Amway?

 One of the silly things I get asked occasionally by IBOs is what’s better since I opine that Amway is a lousy way to make an extra buck.   Actually, if people actually made money with Amway I’d probably have nothing to say.  But it is a fact that the vast majority of people make nothing or lose money in Amway.  Typically losses are because of the tools and functions.  

So what’s better?  Well, staying home and doing nothing is better because you won’t be wasting your time and money chasing an opportunity where you are very likely to lose money. Staying at home to watch “The Simpsons” is better because you’ll be entertained.  But seriously if you want to make extra money? What can be done?  

Get part time work.  You can. Use sone of the extra money plus invest some.  This is the route I took when I was young and it’s paid off big now.  Start an actual business with a specialty such as installing flooring or security doors.  These can be very part time with good results although sone skill is required.  

You can also buy and sell things such as flipping used cars.  Buy one cheap, fix it up cosmetically and sell if did a profit.  Or find a niche market where you can sell insurance or burial plots part time.  These are real ways you can actually make some extra money.  In the end you need to decide for yourself on what to do but I can tell you that almost anything you choose will be more lucrative than pursuing Amway.  

Good luck in whatever you do, if you choose to pursue anything.  

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Anonymous said...

Asking the question "What's better than Amway?" has become standard at all the meetings and rallies and functions.

I recall one function where some dumb bitch (the wife of an old Diamond) screamed at the audience of IBOs the following, over and over: "WHAT ELSE IS THERE? WHAT ELSE IS THERE?"

You can only fall for a line like that when you are a total loser, for whom there isn't anything else except Amway.