Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Never Ending Training?

 If you are an IBO or a prospect seeking information about the Amway opportunity, you came to the right place.  I will give you the secret of the Amway business in this article.  You’re probably curious and I’ll bet you’re upline won’t wAt you to read this.  

The Amway business is about selling products, buying products and recruiting some down line so you can leverage their volume with yours to earn higher commissions, or a higher PV bonus.  It’s really that simple.  Other than these activities, there really isn’t anything you can do to help you’d business to prosper. 

Attending seminars whether online or in person takes money away from your resources and doesn’t result in more PV moving through your business.  Listening to a cd or audio dies nothing either.  It doesn’t sell products or result in more business volume.  The same goes for reading a book or attending a team meeting or whatever else they call it now.  

The question is how much time and expense you will expend to learn these simple tasks of buying, selling and recruiting down line.  Yes your diamond might have sone advice but why would you need and endless supply of training to do this?  I might add that constantly paying for training is useless if the results are not commensurate to what you are investing your time and money in. 

Just look around you. Are other IBOs growing like crazy and earning real money or is that information top secret?  You’d think actual success is something that should be shared bud it’s kept a secret in Amway.  Rank and file are told not to talk about business unless it’s talking to upline because they don’t want you to see reality.  

The reality is that most are struggling, hanging on by a finger and hoping their fortunes will turn. But for the vast majority of IBOs, the end will come and there will just be more Amway casualties.  And the diamond knows this but want you to stay as long as possible to harvest tools and functions income from you. 

Think about it. Think about your business and analyze the facts.  I hope you reach the same conclusion that I did.  

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Anonymous said...

Imagine a business corporation where you're not allowed to tell other people in the enterprise how to make money. Or where you tell them that it's a deep, dark secret that they will only be shown many years from now.

That's not a business. That's a goddamned CULT. And all the higher-ups and big pins in Amway know it. The entire structure of Amway is designed to keep lower-level IBOs in the dark for as long as possible, bleeding money to up-line.