Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Diamonds Are Forever?

 One very important thing that many prospects and even IBOS don’t know about, but should know, is that an Amway pin achievement is a lifelong accomplishment.  In other words, if you qualify for the diamond level, for 6 months in the year 1968, you would still be recognized as a diamond today, although you would not receive diamond bonuses and benefits like free trips unless you are currently qualified.  

Thus Joecool is still a 4000 pin in Amway.  I still hold the pin even though I haven’t been in Amway since the 1990s.  Thus diamonds who may have qualified at high levels in the 1960s or 70s and 80s might be recognized as high level diamonds but they could be moving 700 PV monthly.  But for sone or maybe many diamonds, the main thing is to get to speak and receive honorariums and the ability to sell cds and audios.  

How excited would you really get to pay good money and possibly have to travel (without covid) to a site that requires hotel and airfare to see a diamond who qualified diamond in 1990 and is not qualified anymore?   I’m sure there are some of these diamonds around even if your upline would deny it.  

Keep in mind as I said that I am still a 4000 PV pin but nobody would give me credibility in Amway, but why would diamonds be given credibility plus your money to hear their advice on how to build a business?   

Amway only recognizes new diamonds and does not publish who is currently qualified.   So some years ago, diamond club was in Hawaii on the island of Maui.  I checked to see how many diamonds attended.  There were 160 people in attendance but that included spouses and children.  Thus there were less than 160 diamonds in attendance.  Sure, some may not have been able to attend but this many financially free with easy schedules would miss a free trip up Hawaii?  Maybe sone but the reality is that current diamonds are rare, at least in Amway.  

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Anonymous said...

Amway won't publish a list of newly qualified Diamonds because there are too few of them, and it's embarrassing. At the various "functions," the Diamonds who appear are usually aging types who haven't qualified in years.