Sunday, August 9, 2020

The Cult Of Amway?

 One of the things that is noticeable to a neutral eye is that Amway groups and leaders have some resemblance to a cult  the main difference is that you can come and go, but still, there is peer pressure to keep going and not quit the group because quitting would give you the label of being a quitter, loser, or broke loser.  This pressure might be subtle but it’s real   

The diamonds are given undue adulation  I recall my first open meeting as a prospect, the diamond was treated like royalty and was give  a standing ovation as he entered the room   And his claim to fame?  Achieving a level in Amway.  Sure, achieving diamond is no easy feat but surely not worthy of rock star status.  But worshipping a leader is a cult like trait.  

The IBOS all have a common cause.  They all seek financial freedom thru the Amway business and they all plan to do it in a relatively short amount of time.  The IBOS dress alike in business attire and they act similarly and they use many of the same products.  They all fall in in line and try to “ earn time” to spend with the leader.  These are also cult like traits  I mean who really needs to wear a suit to learn to buy stuff, sell stuff and recruit others to join?  The rank and file think they are just acting successfully because they will eventually make it if they just keep going.  

But in the end, the upline just uses their position to fierce the down line.  They sell them the hope of a better life by convincing them that you need an endless supply of training and Amway education via tools and functions.  In my informed opinion, the diamonds don’t give a good about the down line.  They are just there to be exploited so the diamonds can enjoy the diamond lifestyle.  

For this reason the diamonds have to charge full or nearly full price for zoom meetings and such even though many IBOs can’t build a business right now due to covid 19.  Good luck to you if you read this and join Amway anyway, but you can’t say you weren’t warned.   😃

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Anonymous said...

Being forced to dress in a certain way (the cheap Amway business suit), to speak in a certain way (the Amway propaganda about "leadership" and "pro-suming"), to think in a certain way (the Amway rule about avoiding "stinking thinking") are all signs of a cult. Add to this the requirement of total obedience to one's up-line, and you have full-fledged religious sect.

The whole racket would be a joke, if it weren't so destructive to human lives.