Sunday, August 23, 2020

Do As I Say?

 When I was an IBO, I recall so many issues that upline brought up that seemed utterly hypocritical but I guess most down line just miss it and give the diamonds a pass.  One glaring thing was the catalog sold suits and clothes while the diamonds were in designer suits to show off their wealth.  One important thing to note is that many possibly most wealthy people don’t feel a need to show off their wealth. 

The diamonds often didn’t seem to follow their own advice as they would say to avoid debt. If I clearly heard those same diamonds to say it was okay to pile up debt but only to invest in more tools and functions.  To me this is just shameless conflict of interest advice given by diamonds.  These are the folks who are supposed to be Uber wealthy and only helping down line out of love.  

But on closer inspection, any “work” performed by diamonds earn them some firm of income.  Open meetings, audios, functions, books and voice mail.  Each of these “training” materials is a form of income for the diamonds and the diamonds push the training as a key to success.  Sadly there is little success coming from tools and functions.  Just hopes and dreams that are not fulfilled.  

The diamonds count on undying loyalty to make a lot of their income and unfortunately too many down lines put their trust in the upline without question.  

My advice is for IBOs and prospects to look carefully at the Amway disclosures which shows the average incomes and the percentage of success.  I haven’t looked that recently but last time I checked, about one fourth of one percent of IBOS made it to platinum or about one in 400.  And only a tiny fraction of that ever went to reach diamond.  

Why would a serious prospect consider such a poor opportunity?  

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Anonymous said...

The Amway business thrives on those IBOs who fail, but who for some perverse reason remain in the company and continue, year after year, to pay fees and buy products. These are the "Core" assholes, who are totally brainwashed.

As for intelligent IBOs who quit after a few months, they are replaced in what Amway big pins call "the churn." This means the endless cycle of recruitment that goes on, where new suckers are drawn into the Amway "Plan," and who can be milked for money during the short period in which they are enthusiastic.