Friday, May 29, 2009

Amway - IBOFightback Lying And Making Things Up Again?

I recently did a post about prices comaprisons between Costco and Amway:

Of course IBOfightback (David Steadson), an Amway zealot, and apparently failed IBO wants to make assumptions and try to justify what he sees as an unfair price comparison. Of course IBOfightback doesn't live in Hawaii so unless he walked down the aisles of Costco, he cannot possibly know how I arrived at this comparison, so I will explain further.

A few months ago, an IBO who works in my building asked me to drop off a product to a common friend for him. It was a bottle of dish drops and there was a catalog in the package. So I looked at the catalog and wrote down some of the products (and prices) that I felt could be commonly found at Costco.

A few days later, I went to Costco in Iwilei, Oahu, one of the busiest Costco locations in the US. I simply wrote down the prices as I walked the aisles. I was amazed at how I could get the exact same product, or a very similar product that Amway sells, at a fraction of the cost in some cases.

IBOfightback embellishes the truth (Lies) and wants to analyze subjective issues such as the quality of Kirkland toilet paper versus meadowbrook. The Costco brand, Kirkland, is just as good (IMO) as meadowbrook at a fraction of the price (Kirkland is about $11.99 or $12.99 if bought at Costco instead of online). I cannot see or feel a difference, and I have used both brands, something that IBOfightback probably cannot claim. IBOFightback also mistakenly says there is no XS sports drink. That's funny because I drank one before and a quick google search easily confirms it. And IBOFightback has the nerve to call me outdated? LOL

Also, in layman's term's, is the average customer going to give a rat's ass if the meadowbrook brand may or may not be "better" (again, very subjective), or is that customer going to look at the price (Costco wins) and the availability (again Costco wins)? Another item, such as the golden grain pasta, is a well known national brand in the US versus the relatively unknown Amway brand. The golden grain pasta is cheaper and has name recognition. Are most customers going to buy the name brand product that is cheaper than Amway's or will they pay more for shipping plus wait one or two weeks for the Amway product? You decide.

I have clearly explained why I believe Costco offers a much better value in money and time versus Amway's. The vast majority of US consumers apparently agree with me, based on sales figures and basic common sense.

But somehow, IBOfightnack continues to attack and insult not only me, but the intelligence of my audience with his rants, lies, and half truths. IBOfightback
can analyze all of my posts and criticize it, and his kool aid drinking followers will agree with him, but the vast majority of US consumers agree with Joecool and Costco. Spin all you want IBOFB, you only make my case stronger when you do so.

P.S. Hey IBOFightback, why are you using ""? Something to hide?


Anonymous said...

Meadowbrook products are garbage - even a dollar store would pass on them.


Gina said...

Kirkland products have made the top of many consumer reports for great product and great value. How many have Amway's products been on?

Piet Strydom said...

Amway has received a United Nations award. How many has Kirkland won?
The has certified Nutrilite to be the best selling brand of nutrition supplements, with nearly 3 times the market share of it closest competitor.
They also regard Artistry as one of the 5 top selling luxury skin care brands in the world.

Piet Strydom said...

You see Joecool, Amway is not aimed at the "vast majority" of people. It is aimed at those people that appreciate the better things in life, that are willing through hard work to improve themselves.

People that think that Amway is easy need not apply.

rlaurens said...

For more perspective on the so-called United Nations award:

Joecool said...


How do IBOs get the idea that Amway is easy? Simple, they are shown the concept by an Amway recruiter who makes it look easy. Hard work does not equal success in Amway. Sponsoring others is how you get ahead. And sponsoring can be done with less than ethical standards.

Anonymous said...

Shipping takes 2-3 days, not 2 weeks. You lose all credibility.

Anonymous said...

and how do you know it didn't take that long for HIM? shooting off at the mouth like the rest of the scamway suckers. gee, i should have known!

**proud Amway hater**