Monday, June 1, 2009

Amway - Big Talking IBOs, But No Substance

So many IBOs talk a good gameplan, but have nothing to back it up. A good example, is the self appointed Amway expert, IBOFightback. He sticks out his chest and acts like am Amway guru, but ask him what he has accompished in Amway and you will get some vague and probably BS answer such be being "at least a founder's 3%". In other words, he is probably a former 1000 PV pin, if even that.

Time after time, IBO after IBO comes and goes through these websites, talking big about success and how critics are broke, and losers, yet they disappear into thin air never to be heard from again. One of the big things IBOs talk about is duplication, but it appears that it is good in theory but not in practice. It's also easy to talk about finding customers but for many IBOs, their only "customers" are their downline, if they have any downline.

It's all common sense. How many customers are willing to pay $78 for multi vitamins when you can get a similar product for literally a fraction of the cost? Sure, Amway zealots like IBOFightback will argue quality, but as far as I know, there is zero unbiased evidence that double x is any better than the cheaper multi vitamins you can get elsewhere. Only a true Amway zealot like IBOfightback would actually argue the quality of toilet paper, but IBOfightback probably has never tried Kirkland toilet paper, which is a fraction of the cost of meadowbrook.

So IBOs, where is your substance? Are you making a profit after your expenses are considered? If you are profiting, can your downline make the same claim? Chances are they cannot. Can the biggest Amway defender show evidence that he profits? No, chances are he is just talk without substance. Of course he is welcome to provide such evidence, I would be glad to correct myself. *crickets chirping*


Anonymous said...

JoeCool you are a big talking broke loser and failure critic.

mrmaximum said...

Wash, rinse Repeat, how about coming back with something more substancial? For crying out loud AmQuix isn't the only thing in the world one person can do. This isn't BEE Movie where if you aren't a bee you can't do anything else BESIDES pollinating flowers and making honey.

Get a grip!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you mrmaximum, those kind of comments put such a bad name to IBOs. My first year I showed a considerable loss, almost 9K. After that the second year I showed a 80K profit after expenses. It was a lot better than my practice which I broke even 5 years into it!

The problem is most IBOs don't track expenses or really act like they are in business at they go years without ever making anything! If an IBO simply tracks thier expenses they have a more profit driven mindset and I see them do so much better...the problem is getting them to do that, people are lazy. I would rather have people tell me that they don't want to do it than go through the motions and waste thier money and my time.