Friday, June 19, 2009

Amway - How Many Tools Do You Need?

There has been much debate over tools on this blog recently. IBOs contend that they need tools to build their businesses. Some uplines compare tools to the same tools that a carpenter or a mechanic uses. It just so happens that a friend of mine is a mechanic. He attended automotive technology college for about 18 months and occasionally goes to workshops to update himself on the technology used on newer cars, which his employer pays for.

After finishing school, he bought a decent set up tools. He occasionally upgrades some of his equipment. Some of these upgrades are also paid for by his employer. But the majority of his time is spent fixing cars, earning a living for himself and his employer.

The Amway opportunity consists of buying goods, selling goods, and recruiting others into the system. Not the most complex of activities if you break it down to its simplest form. But IBOs seem to think they need an endless supply of tools to build this business. They do not.

IBOs need to stop and think about this for a minute. An IBO only makes money if they sell a product for a profit, or if they sponsor enough downline who actually move enough volume to make a difference. Thus, if an IBO is spending say $100 to $150 a month on cds, books, seminars and voicemail, what return are you getting on this investment in tools? A mechanic or carpenter puts out an investment in tools, but they make up that investment and then some within a month or two. Anything they earn after that is how they earn a living. Most IBOs never recoup their first month's investment in tools, let alone enjoy a net profit.

Stop and think about it. When was the last time a book, cd, voicemail or a function led directly to a product sale or to the sponsoring of downline? And even if you did get a sale or a downline due to one of the tools, was it enough to make it worth buying all those tools? I would guess that for most people, it is not worth it.

Also, if the tools were so valuable, taught you success principles and the like, why do former IBOs sell them for pennies on the dollar when they quit Amway? Why don't IBOs continue to use these tools when they leave the business? I believe IBOs only use these tools because they have been told that the tools will lead to their success. Unfortunately and sadly, for the vast majority of IBOs who use tools, the tools only lead to a lighter bank account.

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nobody can argue this....what a surprise.