Monday, June 15, 2009

Amway - Why Joecool's Blog?

I recently saw some disparaging comments about Joecool on another blog. I understand that the position I hold, is contrary to what many IBOs are taught, therefore uplines probably teach their downline that a critic is their enemy. I would like to take the time to clear up what my "mission" is.

Aside from what I see as higher than ordinary prices, I actually have little to complain about Amway the corporation. When I was an IBO, I found their customer services to be very satisfactory. My only other criticism of Amway itself is their inability or unwillingness to curb upline abuse of downline. There are plenty of testimony and verifiable issues which indicate that AMOs continue to abuse their downline financially.

The bigger problem lies in recruiting tactics of some AMOs. They lure in prospects by showing fabulous wealth. The wealth is supposedly attained by Amway income. The wealth is also probably promoted as easy to attain. Then when the prospect bites, the prospect is often taught that they must be on standing order and attending functions in order to succeed. These unsuspecting newbie IBOs then become dedicated "customers" of Amway and the AMOs. What is often excluded ot glossed over is that many upline might make a significant income from the sale of these tools, and that there is no bonafide evidence that standing order and functions actually work. One could argue that many who achieve diamond are on the "system", but in the same breath, you could also argue that eventually, someone wins the powerball lottery as well. This is not comparing a business to a game of chance, but drawing an analogy to your odds of succeeding.

Why is Joecool so against the AMOs? Because I have seen firsthand, and strongly suspect that abuses continue to this day. IBOs taught to sacrifice anything to buy more cds or function tickets. IBOs told to quit their jobs to attend a function, IBOs taught to skip making rent or mortgage payments to attend a function. I know of two former crossline who followed upline advice into home foreclosure or bankruptcy. There is evidence that this continues to this day. Sadly, there are far more IBOs who suffer debt and massive financial losses than those who achieve platinum or higher. The AMOs succeed on the backs of their downline while making the downline think that losing money is success.

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