Monday, June 22, 2009

Amway - What's Wrong With A Job?

One of the things that IBO leaders do quite often in their recruitment pitch for Amway, is to put down people's jobs. They criticize people's bosses and the fact that an employee needs to report somewhere to earn a living. They try to paint the picture of a job being compared to slavery. They do this apparently to make people feel uncomfortable with their present situation so they will be open to looking at the Amway opportunity as a means to make a living.

So I will ask - What's wrong with a job? A job is not slavery. People apply for their jobs and they agree to a wage or salary in exchange for their services. Certainly, you can leverage a higher wage or salary if you have an education or a skill, such as being able to work in the construction field. A job ususally offers more than just a wage. A job often allows one to have benefits such as medical insurance, a 401K retirement plan, and some other benefits such as vacation and/or sick leave.

A recent site visitor bemoans concept of working for minimum wage, where a husband and wife would earn in the neighborhood of 30K if they both work full time at minimum wage. Of course, a high school student can earn minimum wage so two adult only able to generate that kind of income makes me think my site visitor is speaking of people with very little to offer an employer. Most people may start out as entry level, but earn more and more as they gain experience and can offer more to their employer.

What does the average Amway business owner experience? $115 a month income (which is probably way above average)? Most IBOs as outlined in "the plan" earn about $9 a month and may have expenses such as standing order which will take away from that tiny profit. Thus an average business building IBO stands to net a loss. It is very easy to look at the math and make that conclusion.

So I ask again. What's wrong with a job? You have a net gain each and every month, be able to pay for your living expenses, and allow you to contribute to society by paying taxes. The average CORE IBO is a drain on the US tax paying society by spening money on standing order and functions and then deducting these expenses when filing their taxes. The only beneficiary is the upline leaders who sell standing orders and function tickets. So what's wrong with a J-O-B?


Amthrax said...

There's nothing wrong with a job and there's nothing wrong with owning your own business. My point has always been, are you in the right job or the right business? As you have pointed out, IBOs under the influence of the Systems wrongly criticize all jobs and all businesses except the one they are in. System IBOs stress to prospects about the importance of being "open-minded" when it comes to making money. Interesting, isn't it, how closed minded they become slaves to the System?

Mike said...

The thing about a job is basically one has to do something to make money.

Therefore if you are and IBO and are earning money, you have a job.

If you are an IBO and are not earning money, then you don't have a job.

Bless said...

Amthryx would you not say if you worked for ford you might view ford automobiles better that alternate automobiles. So do people with thier financial vehicles. I hear it all the time "My Job gets me great benefits" "I get xx many vacation days each year" "my job is rated such and such and is doing great". People naturally defend thier choices or decisons they have made in life

But Joe there is nothing wrong with a job like i have said on my blog at
It is the foundation of our econonmy without Jobs and workers for those jobs how would our country run. But speaking on my own behalf as an Amway IBO I do this and recommend ( the proper way) its Fincacial vehicle for obtaining a secondary income. while there are many more other methods do you want to spend more or less time?, or more or less money?
it is all up to the individual.

Levi said...

Umm. mike you may want to ask around on that on ok? In a job i perform a function and get paid an hourly wage for that function. If I invest 1000 into GM and my stock goes up is that a Job? If my stock goes down is it not a job then?

Mike said...

The difference in a job and an investment.

An investment, you give money to a business or organization with the hope of making more money.

A job you perform actions required to create the income.

In my job I do both, I am paid on work done as well as earning income from investing in company stock. In a small way I have an effect on my stock, due to the quality of my job performance.

Within the world of Amway, you have to perform actions to earn income. You are not giving you money to someone in the hopes of making money...or are you?

Levi said...

No, Mike I am not (how cute). But I veiw my business ventures as Extra income to build wealth with whereas my job is a simple trade hours in for the ablility to pay my cost of living (while nothing is wrong with that I need more security for my family). And I do both month in and month out.

Gina said...

We work to live, not live to work....unfortunately many IBO's are sold on an idea that the IBO then has no issue with living to work. IBO's need to ask themselves at some point if the hours working the biz is worth it....are you still living or or just working?

Levi said...

Gina, Post it. P/L and proof that you actually have a savings account that is increasing due to your fabulous venture.

Gina said... I have said in the other threads....I have already posted my P/L many times in response to so many other silly IBO's like yourself and I will not show anyone my savings account...nor have I ever asked to see anyone's. You really do not know how a P/L works do you?

Levi said...

Yeah actually I do. I have degree's in accounting and bookkeeping. Also I have experience in small business. Just being here talking to you all this time has made me readjust my position to what you just may be capable of doing.

Asking for my Amway business P/L report in my case would be personal Information since it is part of my household numbers. You can say it is not how you do one all you want but the funny thing about accounting is as long as you get to a balance of 00.00 it all works out.

I could show you my bank account without any hesitation since I would easily black out any uneccesary information. I just want to see a balance showing an increase each month. my personal account allows just recently for a savings increase of 250 each month and that to me is not an acceptable number.

If you posted a P/L so many times then it must be handy to post again. Just Do it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

....I bake cupcakes 4-6 times a month, and take in about $800-$1000 pure profit per month in addition to my full time JOB. I am completely financially secure at 25 years old. I'm not pouring my money into useless product, adapting a lifestyle to rake in extra income like an amway employee, begging my friends and family to buy crap that they DON'T need, and I sure as shit would never invest time or effort into a company with a 99% failure rate. I'm so tired of hearing 'easy money' and 'little effort' spewing from the mouths of Amwhores. Guess what, numbnuts? THERE IS NO SUCH THING. You want your own business? Then build it. If these 'IBOs' were so successful in the first place, why the hell would they invite you in to take a piece of the pie? Simple answer: THEY'RE PROFITING OFF OF YOUR STUPIDITY.