Friday, June 12, 2009

Amway - More On "Buy From Yourself"

At a recent church function I attended, some of the members were selling food as a means to raise funds to go on a mission to China. They were selling lunch and it gave me an interesting but very real analogy to explain why the "buy from yourself" method as taught by upline is just ridiculous if that is your primary means of moving products from your business to the end consumer.

At my church, these folks were selling chili dogs for $5. It probably costed about $2 to buy and prepare these chili dogs, thus each sale netted the mission group about $3. But to make a point, how much profit would be made towards the mission if only the missionaries bought chili dogs? Simple, their profit would be $3 times the number of chil dogs sold. But there is no true profit as the money is still coming out of the pockets of the missionaries.

You could argue that it is still profit, but from a business standpoint, it is not a true profit. If I owned a retaurant and dined in my own restaurant, it doesn't increase my sales, nor does it increase my profit.

Buying everything from the Amway catalog (Or Amway partner stores) for yourself does nothing to increase your profit or sales. It makes you a customer. Any rebate you receive from buying your own goods, still comes out of your own pocket.

Now if you bought nothing but sold some Amway goods to people, you realize a true profit from a business perspective.

There is nothing wrong with buying what you truly need through your own distributorship, but if your upline is teaching you to buy from yourself without selling goods to non IBOs, you are being taught some poor business practices.

It is my guess that some upline leaders teach the buy from yourself method because YOUR loyalty and dedication to 100 PV brings stability to their business. Stop and digest this for a minute.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jow cool , I just nows returned from the Fcuking conference from Toledo, OHIO. Some poor IBO was trying to convert me. All the time I was laughing out in my heart the way my would be sponser was trying to kiss some asss of the "diamonds, emeralds, and off course eagles ""


I just went there to be amused by these jokers called leaders
and I am amazed that how can highly educated people like graduates and phds and engineers from top colleges of the world cant figure out that they are the one who is making the leaders rich while the poor IBOs are spending over 110 dollars for ticket of some piece of shit conference.

Well , this time they have started to focus on hinduism rather than bible as 80 % of the poor IBOs were indians and krishna is replacing the jesus in god section


to be true, I rally pity those indians, after fooling the last bit of thier money they wont be able to eat thier beloved curry

The hall smelt of curry and bathroom was full of spicey curry flavored turd fumes

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