Sunday, February 23, 2020


One of the biggest things taught by upline was accountability.  If you said something, then be good to your word and get it done.  Be a man of your word so to speak.  In business that seems to be good common sense and who would want to do business with someone who can’t keep their word.  But it’s all a “do as I say and not as I do” situation with upline.

Upline expects downline to meet their PV defacto quotas and to buy tools and attend all functions and meetings.  After all, business just works out better when everyone keeps their word right?  But what about upline?   Where is their accountability?  They ask you to trust them and invest your time and money into the business and to follow their advice but who holds the upline accountable?  Why does upline seemingly get a pass on their accountability, especially when their advice costs you money?

Seems gray upline somehow skated past accountability by blaming downline for their own failure even if the downline follows the advice down to the last detail.  That’s the sinister part about upline.  They give you advice that you pay for and then blame you if their advice fails.  Think about this, other than feeling pumped up a bit, did any function directly result in more sales or more downline that you sponsored or did the function just leave another hole in your savings account?  Or worse, did you go in debt to attend an ineffective function?

It puzzles me how upline gets paid for their valuable advice but nobody calls out upline when it doesn’t work.  If you buy something at a store and it doesn’t work, you take it back for a refund. If upline advice fails you, why not hold them accountable and ask for your money back.  Surely a wealthy diamond can afford to refund money for ineffective advice?  

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