Monday, February 24, 2020

My Upline Helps Me?

One of the things that my upline constantly emphasized was how Amway IBOS were helping people and that they were helping us to help people.  Now that sounds so selfless and altruistic on the surface until you step back and take a really close look at the details.  IBOS are often star struck by the upline diamond and often don’t notice that any help they receive from the diamond is help that they pay for in the form of an oboe recruitment meeting, a standing order or a function.  We could debate about how much help you get if you don’t cough up some dollars.

Secondly, do you call it help if you’re paying?   Is the plumber helping me or did I hire him to fix my pipes?   I guess you could call it help but somehow the shine is taken off the coating if you paid for the services.  But the way upline presents it, you’d think they flew or drove fast distances for free when in fact they are handsomely rewarded via honorariums or by other tool sales such as standing orders.

Are you really helping soneone if they sign up only to lose money by following upline advice?   Are you helping a prospect because you truly care about them or do you care more about the potential business that they might represent?  If you would not help them sans Amway then maybe your intentions are not as pure as you think.   I’m pretty sure that upline’s intentions are focused on business potential and nothing more.  To illustrate my point, how much help is given to a prospect who turns down Amway?  Isn’t the saying “some will, some won’t, who cares, next”?   Is that the slogan of soneone who really wants to help soneone?  It sounds conditional to me.

So for those holier than thou Amway folks, is your upline really helping you and prospects or are they being courteous to you and other prospects simply because you represent potential future business to them much like a car salesman?   How much help do you get if you miss functions and don’t buy tools?  I think the answer to this will allow you to conclude the truth about your upline.  They don’t give a crap about you unless you are buying tools.  Sorry if the truth hurts.

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Anonymous said...

Several years ago, at either this website or perhaps Anna Banana's, I recall that some Amway up-line type showed up to argue in favor of the racket. When someone asked him why IBOs should have to pay large sums of money to him for CDs or tapes or books, he answered "I'm not going to teach you for free!"

Well, the Amway corporation says that as an up-line is is REQUIRED to work with you and teach you the Amway business without charging for it. An IBO doesn't have to buy training tools, or pay for meetings, or go to stupid "functions."

So we have a real example of cognitive dissonance here. Amway says one thing, but the sleazy scum in your up-line say something different.