Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Tool Scam?

What I didn’t catch right away as an IBO and what many Amway IBOS and prospects don’t notice is that functions and support materials sold by the upline diamond is the real Amway business and the Amway products are actually secondary in many cases.  Think about it, rock stars make their fortunes by selling audios and concerts.  Amway diamonds sell audios and function tickets among other things such as voice mail systems and other materials.

And with food for thought, audios cost cents to produce and a function is similar to a concert.  Another thought for the Amway faithful is this:  are these materials helping you to sell more products and to increase your business income or are these expenses becoming the reason you are losing money in your business?  If you are paying for this training and motivation, then shouldn’t your business be growing each month?  If not, why not?   And if not, why keep paying for ineffective training?   Since the diamonds have much to gain with down line success, why aren’t any of the training sessions free?  I think you get the idea.

Approximately 10 years ago, a triple diamond filed to chapter 7 bankruptcy and the documents were public.  They diamond made just as much from tools and functions as from Amway.  Now you might ask what’s wrong with paying for advice?  Maybe nothing but making payments monthly or weekly for advice should result is some kind of success.  Where is that success or where’s the fruit on the tree, as some diamonds used to say,  the tree is withering and dying apparently.  

It’s very simple.  The diamonds entice people to join by implying test untold wealth and lifestyles can be yours by using and selling Amway stuff and you too can be wealthy if only you will dedicate yourself to following the advice that they can give you.  And that my friends, is the Amway tool scam.

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Anonymous said...

Training is supposed to have an end, especially in a simple and straightforward business. The entire structure of the Amway racket is baby-simple: sell Amway products, and get others to do the same. What the hell else is there in the scheme?

The asinine "functions" and useless "tools" are proof positive that Amway is basically a pyramid-scheme racket, designed to entice an endless stream of new recruits. Nobody needs to go to those rah-rah-let's-go-team functions, at least not more than once! They're always the exact same thing. And how many books and tapes and CDs do you need to tell you how to draw chalk circles?