Wednesday, February 12, 2020

How You Get Sucked In?

Amway in conversation or on paper in a plan might seem reasonable, logical and sensible but it’s all in the pitch.  The pitch is carefully designed to suck you in.  They’ll say you make money and save money in Amway.  Who doesn’t desire those things?   It makes sense until you realize that you wind up spending more and losing money in Amway.

It also sounds great that you can possibly get wealthy and live the care feee diamond lifestyle.  But who has really taken a good look behind the scenes of a diamond lifestyle?  Fir all we know, diamonds are in debt portraying a rich lifestyle while they might be riddled with debt.  After all, Americans are generally in debt.  Why would a diamond living an excessive lifestyle be exempt from debt?

Where are all these Amway retirees who wake up at noon and play all day?  Do they exist at all?  The math in my opinion says no.  But I will admit that shining off wealth is a good way to suck people into the business opportunity.  Who doesn’t want early retirement and a care free wealthy life?  Sadly the diamond uses this to entice people into investing in a business where failure is nearly assumed but that failure helps to fuel the diamond illusion.

Are done diamonds possibly wealthy?  Sure, but that doesn’t mean rank and file IBOS will sign up and achieve the same results.  And even if you did, are you willing to sucker people into the business so you can profit?  I can’t fathom doing that to anyone so maybe a lack of conscience is a needed trait  to go diamond?  

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Anonymous said...

This is the great irony of Amway. It pretends to be a business for tough-minded, independent persons who want to carve their own future by hard work and persistence.

In fact, Amway is the exact opposite. It's a business for timorous, weak-willed persons who don't have the guts to think for themselves. It's for persons who are afraid to ask questions, or to speak up and argue with their up-lines. It's for weenies and losers.

People who are strong and independent thinkers, if they happen to join Amway, drop out very quickly because they see the truth about the scam, and because they find out fast that up-line is lying to them. They see what a total racket the damned thing is. And they get out fast.

Weak and timorous persons don't have the guts to do that. They're afraid to ask tough questions, or confront their up-line about lies. Amway depends on pussies like this to operate.