Tuesday, February 4, 2020

But My Upline Diamond Is Rich!

Serious question for Amway IBOS.  How would you know?  Does your diamond let you see tax returns or bank balances?  Or do you simply assume that the diamond is rich because they are on stage talking big and showing you pictures of nice cars and jones?  I can stand on stage in a suit and do the same thing.  But for some reason, IBOS just blindly believe because we’ll, they want to believe.  They need to believe that 2-5 years of work can result in fabulous wealth and early retirement.

Without the hope that the diamond dream provides, there would be no good reason for anyone to join Amway.  Who would want to peddle household goods at premium prices if not for a big reward as the  end goal.  People wasn’t to believe that they can achieve the same things as the diamond.  I was an IBO at one time and there’s no way I would join if a middle class lifestyle was the goal.  And that’s where the scam is played out by the upline.

Join Amway and felt rich.  A few years of work and dedication will get it done.  I the diamond have the secret to success and achieving diamond but you must subscribe to my system of audios and functions so I can teach you these secrets.  In the meantime the diamond is making his bank from selling audios and function tickets while nearly all down line are losing money because of the cost of the training that does not work.

For the IBOS and prospects who think the upline diamond is rich beyond belief, I ask this question.  How in the world would you know?

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Anonymous said...

It all depends on what we define as "rich." Right now, in North America, earning $100,000 per year doesn't make you rich -- it makes you just upper middle class at best. In other parts of the world, like sub-Saharan Africa, $6,000 per year makes you VERY rich.

Amway Diamonds appear rich to lowly IBOs because most of those IBOs come from poor backgrounds and low-level jobs. Isn't that the usual story given at functions? The Diamond and his wife were in dead-end jobs such as soda jerks or waitresses or gas station attendants, but then they got into Amway and became millionaires. In other words, Amway will appeal to persons who aren't doing very well in life, and who are desperate for a way out of their situation. To them, $100,000 per year sounds like fabulous riches. But if you live in New York City or San Francisco, $100,00 per year means you're just getting by.