Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Why Amway?

I’m actually shocked that the Amway scam is still going on.  That people are still being dazzled with “the dream” and still perpetuating this business with an influx of new recruits.  Not it does seem as if function venues are getting smaller and due to easily available information, people can look into Amway and get enough information to make an informed decision.

But why do Amway in the first place?  The stock market is on an amazing bull run and there are opportunities all over the place.  Anyone willing to work hard and persevere can succeed in the US.  Most Amway recruits seem motivated and willing to work.

But the flaw in many recruits is that that want pixie dust.  In other words they want a short cut to retirement and riches.  Creating wealth takes some time and effort and that is the reality.  Unless you invent some fad or get some kind of lucky break, most people can’t retire until 60 or so.  And that just isn’t sexy.

To Amway recruits, I ask this.  Where are all the Amway retirees?  I know retired fire fighters, police, government employees and banking people but I don’t know any Amway retirees.  Sure, people assume that diamonds are retired and living large but why don’t any of them walk away to enjoy residual wealth?   Instead, diamonds stay on duty until death is so it seems.  That should be serious food for thought fir Amway prospects.  So I ask again.  Why Amway?

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Anonymous said...

Recruitment into Amway starts with people there telling you that you can be rich and retired within two to five years. That's the hook that gets the pixie-dust people into the racket.

After you are safely in "Plan" and buying stuff, that's when you are told that it will take a lot of hard work and many years of struggle before you attain any big income.

That's how Amway operates: begin by generating wild enthusiasm, and then start cracking the whip. And since everything in Amway is fueled by intense and unrelenting peer pressure, many IBOs are afraid or ashamed to drop out.