Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Standing Ovation?

One of the weird things I observed about Amway IBOS is how they worship the diamond as if he is some kind of divine being.  When you look at it logically, what has the diamond done to deserve such adulation?   The diamond qualified for the pin one time and possibly one time only.  Heck, Joecool was a 4000 pin.   Does that mean new IBOS should take counsel from me since I achieved a fairly high level?  Even if I’m not currently qualified?

Amway doesn’t say which diamonds are still qualified so nobody really knows.  And that is why you see former copies of bonus checks as evidence of success.  A current copy of a check would be better but still would not indicate what kinds of expenses that diamond had.

A good example would be my WWDB upline diamond who probably qualified diamond in the 1980’s.  Back then there was no internet and the business was very different than it is today.  That diamond also filed fir chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2009 or so but is still revered as having superior financial acumen.  But based on what track record?

Fir some reason the audiences just assume that the diamond is successful and wealthy without really knowing the financial status of these leaders.   Fir all we know these diamonds are paying mortgages and in debt like the rest of the US population.  Why would it be any different when these diamonds show off a lifestyle of excess and even encourage IBOS to get into debt to purchase tools and function tickets.  If you ask upline to verify their financial claims you’ll be told it’s none of your business.

If your diamond’s financials are none of your business then you should not consider displays of wealth as any kind of evidence of success.  More likely that diamond lives check to check like much of the rest of the population.  What other conclusion is logical?


David said...

Hi Joe: Here’s an article i thought you would be interested in.

Anonymous said...

Amway freaks worship the Diamond because he represents a dream, a fantasy, and a hope. In truth he might be just a stupid schmuck with unpaid bills and a house on the verge of foreclosure, but to the lowly IBOs hes a demigod, a hero, a wet-dream of the capitalist imagination.