Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Illusion?

Many people have seen a magic show or an illusionist.  Most people are amazed with the show but at the same time they realize that it’s a show and that you can’t really saw people in half or make an elephant appear out of nowhere.  I believe it’s no different in Amway but so many prospects do not realize that the diamonds are just putting on a show.  They are showing prospects the illusion of wealth.

If you lived next door to an average diamond or did their taxes for them you would likely see right through the facade.  You would see the nice suits and appearances at a function but these diamonds likely go home to middle class houses and an otherwise normal lifestyle.  Potential recruits only see the show and think these folks live a first class lifestyle every day.  Of course it’s hard to sell people on an opportunity if you aren’t showing fancy things and lifestyles.

Let’s say a diamond makes $250k each year and has a wife and two kids.  After taxes and other things such as medical insurance and business expenses a diamond might still have a decent income of perhaps 6-8 thousand per month.  But that kind of income cant purchase homes and sports cars in cash, let alone fabulous vacations.  And if that diamond in a faithful church goer as many claim to be,  10% of their income should be tithed to the church.

So if you sit and carefully consider what I’ve pointed out here, how can a diamond retire and enjoy life knowing that downline are quitting the business daily?  Never mind the thought of actually investing into a IRA for the future.   No, the exalted diamond lifestyle is more than likely very ordinary although you can argue that not having a job is awesome. But as my upline diamond once said, what good is your freedom if you don’t have enough money to do anything you want?  That is likely the case for an average diamond.

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Anonymous said...

Everything in Amway is an illusion -- like holding a cellphone to your ear constantly, and pretending that you're in conference with your personal assistant named "Kate."