Monday, February 10, 2020

Building It Right?

When I was at IBO many years ago, I heard the term “build it right”.  I suppose that means you build your business based on parameters that your upline advised.  My business at the time had the correct parameters and I was edified as a qualified “eagle” which meant I had a certain number of down line attending functions and participating in the tools system.  Basically it seemed that building your business right meant your upline diamond was making tool income off your group.

Thus building your business right is more beneficial to your upline than yourself.  Rank and file IBOS do not get to participate in the payout gif tools, only for product volume.  And even product volume rebates are heavily slanted to upline and not to the IBOS who moved the volume.  It is for these reasons that the vast majority of IBOS wind up with financial losses for  their efforts.

Another piece of food for thought is how diamonds quit, fall out of qualification or resign.  Does that mean these diamonds who teach “build it right” were unable to do do themselves?  Why don’t diamonds walk away from Amway to enjoy residual income fir life?  Is it because they too are unable to build it right?  Why do diamonds seemingly die on the job rather than in quiet retirement surrounded by luxuries?

In my opinion it is because the entire business and teaching systems are just a scam and there is no serious way to just build it right.  It’s why the IBO failure rate is high and why diamonds don’t enjoy luxurious retirements.  The diamond lifestyle that’s portrayed at functions is mostly a dig and pony show.

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Anonymous said...

The sentence that was used was this: "Build it once, and build it right." Most people assumed that it referred to a 6-4-2 down-line structure, but there were variations.

The real deception, however, is the unspoken assumption that once you have built something, it's there forever, like a stone fortress. You just have to "build" it correctly once, and it will serve your purpose indefinitely.

But that's simply false! An Amway down-line structure has to be constantly reinforced, with replacement for dropouts, and with constant propagandizing of those who remain. If you neglect to do this, the dropout rate will catch up with you and your entire down-line will shrivel to nothing.

Who are the persons who succeed in Amway, or in any MLM? It is the maniacal and driven salesmen and schmoozers who work like lunatics with a rocket up their ass. And they won't stop -- not for a second. That one percent will perhaps get rich. But even they are compelled to dedicate every waking moment to Amway.