Friday, February 21, 2020

All The Motivation You Need?

It seems to me that the Amway business became a never ending series of meetings and rah rah speeches designed to motivate the rank and file IBOS.  I suppose that so much motivation is needed because the vast majority of IBOS are losing money chasing the Amway dream.  But a nice story told by the diamond can get a low ranked IBO to hang in there and attend a few more functions and listen to more audios.  Of course those actions benefit upline more than the IBO.   If IBOS were to just walk away, diamond income would be affected,

But what motivates business people?  How about net profits and having more money at the end of the month than when you started.  I know that would have excited my to be cash positive in Amway.  But because nearly all IBOS are losing money, upline must devise ways to trick people in signing up and then staying on board.  Let me illustrate this:

When being recruited, I was told about how Amway was low overhead and that profits could be made quickly in addition to saving money by using Amway products.  Then after you get in, you’re told that business owners commonly lose money fir a number of years until the business it built.  It becomes an eloquent game of bait and switch for the upline and downline.   Sell them on quick profits and savings and then tell them about being a real business owner with real expenses.  It works because the upline are taught to trust and believe in upline.

The claim is that upline has your best interest at heart.  But I guess one more lie told by upline escapes many rank and file IBOS once they put their hope and trust in the upline.  And it works because people want to believe that 2-5 years of hard work will lead to retirement and financial freedom.  Sadly it usually ends in business losses and additional debt.

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