Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Amway And A College Education?

One of the things I've seen in recent years, is some examples of young people being discouraged from attending college. Instead they are told, to simply run and Amway business. These motivated young people may also be told that Amway is simply on the job training. Why bother paying tens of thousands of dollars for a formal education when they can join Amway and learn what they need for a fraction of a cost.

I honestly believe that uplines who discourage a young person from going to college in order to build an Amway business should be run out of town. These uplines obviously have their own interests at heart and not that of their downlines. They may cite an example of perhaps, a Bill Gates who left college to run Microsoft. While that is a great example, how many Bill Gates are there in the world? These uplines always want to promote the bext case scenario as if that were the norm. However, in real life, the likely scenario is just that. In those big functions, there are a handful of people on stage and masses of people in the audience. That's how it has been and that's how it will always be. Dreams and delusions on grandeur do not change the facts.

It is well documented that a formal college education will result in greater earning power for most people. Yes, there are exceptions but as a whole, college graduates fare much better that those who do not attend college. IBOs and information seekers should pay special attention to this next line: There is no unbiased documentation to indicate that running an Amway business and participating in a teaching system such as WWDB or Network 21 provides any tangible and sustainable financial rewards.

Amway's fiercest defender, IBOFB made a claim that over the years, hundreds of thousands of people have made full time incomes via the Amway business. This was a claim that Cindy Droog, an Amway representative said cannot be substantiated. Who are you going to believe? I trust what Amway says.

If you are being discouraged from participating in college by an upline, please look very carefully at this post and please do ample research before making a decision that could negatively affect your life. While you may be shown picture of yachts and mansions, you have no way of knowing who owns those yachts and mansions. this has been proven beyond a doubt for me in light of some diamond home foreclosures and a triple diamond who was involved in chapter 7 bankruptcy.


Anonymous said...

You pay much more for a college degree than you do for an Amway education. People like you just look for the negative in everythng and just make excuses for pitiful people who give Amway a half hearted effort and quit. If you truly apply what you learn, you will be successful and you can bring long term happiness to your family without the stresses of working 9-5 for 40 years.

Joecool said...

Ah, but anonymous, you do not comprehend well. I said a college degree results in better finances for most people. Participation in Amway does not.

Anonymous said...

once again anon misses it. what a pity. just a pity!

Anonymous said...

The amway 'education' consists of being skilled in the art of conning people to desparately claw for a dream by buying books, tapes, and functions. Rinse and repeat.

At the end of most peoples' amway stint, they have no marketable skills.

In college you can learn to do neuro-surgery, respieratory therapy, engineering, etc.

Trade schools (way less expensive than amway) give you 'hands-on' educations in carpentry, electrical, etc.

At the very least w/a college degree, you have a fighting chance of a decent job w/benefits.

At the very least w/amway, you come away without too much damage to your credit.

You will find out that almost anyone who has mastered the art of snake-oil salesman in amway is sending their kids to the best schools. Hmmm...........wonder why that is. Perhaps they realize what a sham it is and how difficult it will be to get their kids to do the same.

How many kids want to do what mommy and daddy do? Not many.

Dang. I shoulda kept those hundreds of CASSETTE TAPES I threw out when we quit. Probably could have sold them to the ambots for a fortune. They would think they were getting the classic oldies of amway to add t their collection.