Friday, February 11, 2011

Amway/WWDB Leaders Killing The Golden Goose?

The Story Of the Golden Goose:

Avianus and Caxton tell different stories of a goose that lays a golden egg, where other versions have a hen, as in Townsend: "A cottager and his wife had a Hen that laid a golden egg every day. They supposed that the Hen must contain a great lump of gold in its inside, and in order to get the gold they killed it. Having done so, they found to their surprise that the Hen differed in no respect from their other hens. The foolish pair, thus hoping to become rich all at once, deprived themselves of the gain of which they were assured day by day.


I recently read a blog post about a WWDB function held last month in Canada. Apparently, WWDB held three Dream Nights in the same venue in Canada, apparently on consecutive nights. There was speculation about whether or not there were actually enough IBOs to fill up the three functions, or whether downlines were actually encouraged to attend all three functions. I would guess that not all IBOs would attend the three functions, but conversely, I'll bet money that the leaders and some others certainly were encouraged to do so. If this is true, it would appear that WWDB leaders are going to end up killing their golden goose. If true, the WWDB leaders are trying to squeeze more money out of their faithful downline and I'm fairly cerain that this will eventually lead to even more IBOs quitting down the road. They will realize that they are chasing an impossible dream and going broke while doing it.

It certainly makes sense and can be explained by the evidence. It appears that Amway sales have been shrinking in the US and Canada. There are few new IBO or critics blogs. This suggests that the internet information is working both ways. Because IBOs can make informed decisions, there are likely fewer people signing up, which contributes to less sales, less IBOs and less critics. WWDB is on shaky grounds as some of their dynamic leaders have left, and a couple of WWDB leaders had homes foreclosed, and a triple diamond was involved in Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings, although I do not know how that story ended. But when you add up these factors and think about it for a minute, it all adds up and makes sense. With less sales and fewer IBOs, the Amway income and tool income would also shrink. Thus one way to make up for ir is to have the remaining IBOs pick up the slack by attending more functions. It probably costs WWDB $20 to $25 per head to run a Dream Night so the rest of the ticket is profit. If you can get people to attend all three functions, you triple your profit.

Makes me wonder if WWDB is teaching IBOs to buy more standing orders and other cds and materials? When I was an IBO, we were encouraged to buy extra tickets for functions and we were strongly encouraged to buy 5-7 additional tapes (cds) each and every week in addition to standing order. With sales down, I cannot imagine anything has changed except that maybe there is even more pressure on downlines to consume tools. I wonder if anyone in my audience can confirm this?

If it's true, then surely, WWDB is killing their golden goose.


Anonymous said...

And the goose in your post is the Boomer geneeration. As they face an ever bleaker future after having invested for decades, they are cutting off ALL unnecessary expenses.

While we were chasing our amway golden goose egg, it was astonishing the lengths we all went to to be at everything and to be extremely C.O.R.E. We, too, bought extra tapes every week. What a waste!

We now watch every dime and anything we purchase has to add value to our home. Now that Boomers are losing jobs and 401(k)s and pensions, amway can kiss all that money goodbye.

They didn't know what they had until it was gone.

Joecool said...

I believe Amway is alreadu shrinking and leaders squeezing every penny out of their downlines will only add to Amway's already poor reputation.

Anonymous said...

i hope the whole thing falls to the ground and dies. and yes, everyone, i'm a hater and PROUD OF IT! :D

rocket said...

I believe that there were a couple Dream Nights in Calgary and one in Edmonton or vice versa.

Either way, just have 1 in 1 venue. More cost effective for everyone.

I guess that's not the point.....

Joecool said...

If it is true, it makes you wonder several things. How desperate are these WWDB leaders to squeeze their downline for every possible cent? And secondly, what kind of financial condition are these diamonds in that they are doing this?

It's sad that the victims think the WWDB leaders have their best interest at heart.

Anonymous said...

These WWDB crooks are so greedy, they would steal candy from a baby or take the shirt off your back. Literally.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1) upline do not make money off functions
2) Amway grows by over $1 billion a year
3) do your homework people

Joecool said...

Wow, what a bunch of bold faced lies.

Amway is 50+ years old and did 10.8 billion in sales last year. Lie

Upline makes a ton of money off the functions. Lie

Where did you get your misinformation?