Tuesday, February 8, 2011

False Income Claims Or Lying?

One of the things that is so common on this blog and others is IBOs passing by, making big income claims without a shred of evidence. IBOs will tell you that it's none of your business, or that what they earn is not reflective of what you might earn. I believe it's very relevent. As a prospect, I would want to know what the typical IBO might earn. If I were going to open a Subway franchise, I would want to know what my likely earnings would be. In Amway, they only show you best case scenario and not what is likely or typical. Of course this is to make the oppportunity more attractive than it really is in hope of getting you to sign up.

Look at a recent comment from an anonymous blogger from India:

"Hi i wish to tell you that i am a scientist and full time into research. I have the time for my hobbies like bowling, horse riding etc. But the big news is that i am also at emerald level in Amway. Now what do you have to say about that Mr Joe(un)cool?????????"

If you'll notice, the commenter is basically sayiing he has a full time job, but enjoys his hobbies all the while running an emeral business. Then he also tosses in a minor insult towards Joecool while he's at it. Now we know there is documentation that many platinums do not make any money (net), therefore, an emerald likely doesn't make that much from Amway. I'm sure a decent job will net you more money than the average emerald.

Also, I call BS on this claim. Someone who is emerald would likely be burning the midnite oil churning out new IBOs to maintain the business and trying to push towards diamond. I'll give the anon one things. the name of Amway hasn't been completely ruined in India as it basically has been in the US and Canada. But I'll toss in one more thing. An emerald, even if making a net profit, likely has several hundreds of downline who are losing money because of functions and other tools that ironically, are designed to help an IBO succeed.

I wonder why IBOs are taught to be deceptive? Why can't they speak honestly about Amway and what they earn from Amway? Is it against Amway rules or do the uplines want to hide something that is paindfully obvious? I know that WWDB, my former LOS, taught IBOs to "fake it till you make it". Translated, that meant to lie about your Amway income and to make yourself look successful, even if you had no money to put food on your table.

So which is it? False/inflated income claims or outright lying? You decide.

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