Thursday, February 17, 2011

Amway - "Negative" Or The Truth?

One of the silly things many IBOs are taught is to avoid negative. I believe this is taught today by uplines and it was certainly a point of emphasis even in my days as an IBO. The upline diamond would say that the world of full of negatives and that we as people take in too much of these negatives. Therefore, the IBOs were told to avoid television, newspapers and other forms of communication with the outside world. The group was also told to avoid people who speak negatively about Amway. For this reason, many people have considered Amway groups such as WWDB or N21 as cultish or cult-like. (information deprevation or information control).

I can agree that you surely don't want to only take in negatives as it can wear you down, but not seeing the news or reading about current events in the paper simply makes you apathetic and uninformed. For example, wouldn't you want and need to know if there was a storm heading your way? I live in Hawaii and we occasionally have hurricanes. Avoiding news could be very detrimental to your family and home. If you lived in the midwest of the US, wouldn't you want and need to know if a tornado was headed your way? Do you avoid the doctor because his assessment of your health might not be "positive"? For these reasons, I believe that many Amwayers walk around wearing a mask with a false smile, trying to overly positive.

Another important thing that many IBOs cannot distinguish is the difference between negative and the truth. If your wife asks you if her new dress makes her look fat, the truth might be that the new dress indeed makes her appear fat. That answer may be uncomfortable for you to deliver, but the truth is the truth. The truth at times can be positive or negative but it is still the truth.

Most IBOs earn less than $100 a month. That is the truth. Most IBOs lose money if they participate in functions and standing orders and such. That is the truth. Most IBOs will never even sponsor a downline. That is the truth. Most IBOs, filled with motivation and dreams, will never see those dreams fulfilled. That is the truth. Many upline diamonds, who advise IBOs to purchase tools and attend functions, and fill the IBO's heads full of dreams, make significant incomes from the sale of tools and functions. That is also the truth. In a 1 year timespan, approximately 50% of IBOs will quit. That is the truth.

Is it negative to tell the truth? Or can IBOs not handle the truth?


Anonymous said...

The truth is actually "the average monthly Gross Income for "Active" IBOs were $115 US/ 181 Canadian.

66% of ALL IBO's were found to be active.

those are the facts, not your random "most IBOs earn less than $100 a month". That's your own perspective.

Joecool said...

I never said the average IBO earns less than $100 a month. I said "most" IBOs earn less than $100 a month, which is true. Also, for that $115 average, Amway did not include IBOs who were not "active".

rocket said...

Where's the link to the stat for $181 Canadian?

There's a difference between average earnings and what's really earned by the typical IBO.

John said...

Nice try Anonymous at 3:47. If the average IBO makes $115 per month, then it is a mathematical certainty that more than half, ie "most", IBO's make less than $100 per month because of an exponentially weighted compensation plan. The diamonds (making 12K per month on average) and emeralds (making 6K per month on average) pull that average way up, so there must be many, many more active IBO's making less than 100 to make it $115.

Follow this example. If there are 300,000 IBO's in North America, then depending on which percentages you go by, there are somewhere around 3,000 platinums, 300 emeralds and 30 diamonds in North America. For each diamond making 12K per month, there would need to be roughly 240 IBO's making 65 bucks (that is 240x30 diamonds = 7200 IBO total) to average to 115. For each emerald making 6K per month, there must be roughly 120 IBO's making 65 bucks per month (that is 120x300 emeralds = 36000). For each platinum making 3K per month, you would need to have 60 IBO making $65 to balance (that is 60x3000 platinum = 180,000). So there we have accounted for 223,200 IBO's (74% of total) making 50 bucks below average to balance out the platinum pins and above. This simplistic analysis hasn't yet considered the silvers, which outnumber platinums!

The point is, most people make next to nothing in Quixtar, and that $115 "average" is a lofty goal for most IBO's. Most won't ever hit it. And none of this analysis even considers the expenses of buying unnecessary products and following "the system", which make most IBO's a few hundred a month.

So Anonymous, you're only proving what the rest of us already knew. Ambots are just miserable with numbers, and it's no surprise. Anybody who's good at math would rather take his chances playing the lottery. It's a lot less work, and your odds of getting rich are just as good.

Anonymous said...

Greg Duncan used to say, "Don't bend over looking for pennnies while dollars float over your head."

In other words, another meaningless platitude.

Amway has you looking at books, tapes, and functions as the end-all-be-all, while the dollars are running out of your wallet.

It cracks me up how amway denigratges the very things they do to you times ten. It puts you in an impossible position.

amway - hate your job, hate your boss.

reality - those hated jobs and bosses are, um, paying for these functions, Greg.

amway - dump anyone who does not support you in your biz.

reality - um, I sorta love my hubby and kids, and in-laws. I like my neighbors and friends and fellow church members. I don't want to dump them. They're sorta important to me.

amway - do whatever it takes...even if that means skipping a house payment, utility bills, car payment, etc.

reality - um, I kinda like have a roof over my head and my wife and kids REALLY like it.

amway - do not watch TV or do any other pleasurable thing without counselig upline.

reality - um, you, you upline shack of shit, can kiss my ass. I have been a adult for a long time and don't need your permission to do private things. I will not hand my will over to you.

The amazing part of this???? ambots will come in here and ask us to prove this was ever happened. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Yeah 33% were not found to be active which means they did absolutely nothing and just got launched.

Anonymous said...

66% of ALL IBO's were found to be active? Define active please. Does this mean buying from Amway or "your own store" or actually selling something to actual customers on a regular basis?
$100 a month before expenses is terrible, most of the Ambots must be losing money. You could get a paper route and earn more.
Why would anyone be so stupid to join this cult with all these facts available to them.

***Former WWDB Lemming***

Anonymous said...

wow, anon....smh

GetYourInfoFromTheSource said...

Pick up a Business Overview and maybe you can get the stats your looking for. It clearly defines what an "Active" IBO is. Better yet why not call Amway themselves and ask them. Guess nobody thought of that?

David said...

What I took note of in the response given by Anon Feb. 17 at 3:47PM was how he was taking issue with a piddly 15 Bucks! And then he started to play semantics by using "average IBOs" instead of "most IBOs". It is as though these picky distinctions are going to give any legitimacy to this farce known as Amway. I thought IBOs were taught to "think big".
From my experience of reading these blogs and what Amway apologists write, they are notorious for this pickiness. Also, for parroting back what is taught on the tapes (oops! CDs) and what is taught by upline at functions. A salary of $3.83 per day ($115 divided by 30 days) is a far cry from the $55.00 per hour that I command from my dreaded J-O-B. That doesn't include the couponless discounts I receive at the cash register for shopping at my local retailer. Plus I don't have to buy a lifetime supply, keeping my garage clean. This leaves room for my pimpmobiles, a 2009 Lincoln MKZ and a 2010 Ford Edge.

Anna Banana said...

I am confused. It's like being back at an Amway meeting and the speaker
Is throwing around all these numbers to create hype and cause confusion. I think my husband and I drove past an Amway meeting last night around 8. Maybe we should have gone in and caused more confusion. OK back to the Mai tais.

Anonymous said...

Amway is a legitimate company that has been approved by the government. It has created more millionaires than any other MLM and even more than Microsoft.

Joecool said...

Not true. Feel free to post a link showing where the government approved of Amway. And no, Amway has not created more millionaires than Microsoft. Feel free to prove that claim if you wish.

Anonymous said...


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Amway dreams said...

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Joecool said...

Amway came up but not worldwide. Secondly, the BBB rating has nothing to do with Amway as a business opportunity.

Unknown said...

The meat of the matter is this. It is an opportunity, it may not work for everyone, but it will for some people. Not everyone is comfortable with wasting away hours of your life working in a business where they pay you an insignificant fraction of their earnings (I don't mind that, I've been doing it for years) but that's just business isn't it. My question to you skeptics is this: What way can you gain significant income and not have the potential to lose even more?

The same is true about regular jobs you know. You have to be educated to get good jobs right? Schooling is definitely not free. IT ISN'T EVEN CHEAP! That's the investment you make into getting a job that isn't guaranteed. Everyday the security of your job is at risk!

The same applies to creating your own business. You have to inject enormous amounts of capital which may or may not turn over into profit.

The simple truth is: Do what works for you. It may be a job, it may be opening your own small business, may be building a multi million dollar company (for very VERY few people in this world) or it may be becoming an Amway IBO. The choice is yours...

Joecool said...

Education is important but schools do not misrepresent what you go to school for. They do not imply you will get ricj, retire early, etc. Amway presentations often do that.