Sunday, February 6, 2011

Vertical Alignment - Spending Time With Those Who Matter?

Check out this blog, written by a WWDB IBO named Shaun. Shaun seems like a nice guy and all, but I think his way of thinking may have been negatively affected by upline teaching. He is saying the superbowl isn't that important and that he will be spending time with family. And I agree! In the big picture of things, the superbowl is just a game. Sure, one of the biggest events of the year, but when it's said and done, it still is just a game. I mean if you had to choose between an important family matter and a game, there's not much choice.

See "Shaun's" post:

An excerpt: Sports are there for our enjoyment and there is nothing wrong with that, but when it comes between spending quality time with my wife or soon to be kid, that’s where I’ll draw a line. I think if people cared more about their family life instead of the damn football maybe there would be less divorce, maybe there would be less fighting, maybe less family pain? Who knows, I don’t have the answers but I can tell you it would be a start that’s for sure

The interesting aspect of this blog post you see, is that Shaun's upline leaders were the same ones I had as an IBO. We were told things like never miss a function, unless it was for a funeral - your funeral. Or we should attend ALL meetings and functions. All means all, what don't you understand about that? Some folks ended up missing or cancelling important family events to be able to attend Amway functions. IBOs skip church and important church events for Amway meetings.

I wonder what will happen if Shaun's anniverssary falls on the same weekend as a major function? What about a child's birthday? Or your's kid's hockey games? I have a strange feeling that it's perfectly okay to reschedule or miss something like that if it's for an Amway function or meeting. I wonder what Shaun will tell his upline or downline when they have family events conflicting with an Amway/WWDB function? If you truly value your family as he is saying, then you would miss the Amway WWDB function if there is a conflict with family matters. Not reschedule them. I have heard many IBOs justify missing church or cancelling or rescheduling family outings because of business meetings. Where's the vertical alignment then?

So what really matters? Your family or that next Amway/WWDB function?


Anonymous said...

And the more you push your family, and other important life matters, aside, the more you are held up as an example of fine amway leaderhip to the group.

It's sickening. What other entity, besides MLM, would ask that of a person? Yes, you may work on your b-day, but who celebrates their b-days at 10 am? It's done after work.

In amway, you will work all day on your b-day, and then go to a function that night. Gee, that's fun. NOT

You may be thinking, "Big deal. It's a b-day."

And you would be right, but now substitute your wife being in labor. She could be in labor all day and you would still be expected to be at the freaking function that night. They'll challenge you with, "What? They don't have doctors at the hospital? She'll be fine. You need to work you business and be at the this function."

Beyond disgusting. You are constantly pressured to destroy the social mortar that cements a family for life.

I'd like to put a CASSETTE TAPE....well, I'd better keep that to myself.

Anonymous said...

I remember being an IBO and my brother was getting married. The marriage was planned more than a year in advance. Of course a function was scheduled on the same weekend. I checked upline and I was told that leaders attend all functions. Thank God I shunned my upline and attending the wedding. After that I saw other flaws in the WWDB teaching and quit. Thank God for that too!

Joecool said...

I was also taught vertical alignment. It was taught by WWDB. God was number 1, spouse number 2, family (kids) number 3, job number 4 and Amway number 5.

Odd though, everytime something conflicted with Amway, Amway was the priority.

Anna Banana said...

I was in WWDB and he's lying to himself about what the priorities are. This time it's a football game. Next time it will be a family function that his cult leader forces him to miss so he can show his true devotion and dedication. He might have been a nice guy before he got in Amway but that'll change for the worst after cult immersion.

rocket said...

I saw that too.

No wonder IBO's become social lepers unless they are among their own ilk. Lots of successful business owners (real business owners that would never do anything but laugh at Amway) watch the Superbowl.

Talk about isolating themselves. It comes across as arrogant, and I think that' the way it's intended.

Arrogance is fine if you can back it with something. Very few in Amway can, Shaun included at this juncture.

Anonymous said...

Where Amway is, so is the family. When the family truly believes in the business it owns and in the difference it makes, its business becomes part of its life. So, there's no problem with missing a confined family event. That event can be celebrated in spirit even when that particular family attends a business function together. So quit bitching.
To the guy who asks in disbelief who celebrates their birthday at 10 AM because he knows of no one who does before but only after work... it's called unbelief. And unbelief produces zero results. Who celebrates their birthday at 10 AM, Monday to Friday? Well, it's not people who work 9 to 5 jobs that's for sure. And if they do in the weekend too, neither then will they celebrate it! It sucks doesn't?
As rocket says about IBOs, I would much rather be a social leper to his own kind of people associations instead of confining myself to an unremarkable, average lifestyle that 95% of people including rocket, have on a daily basis. If you were to learn from what the 5% have to offer, you would truly enjoy the fruits of your labor and wouldn't be bitching about Amway.

Joecool said...

"Where Amway is, so is the family"

LOL anon at 5:01, how much kool aid did you drink? That sounds like a cult, not a business.

JobsAreAnyBetter? said...

I can remember many times my job taking me away from my Birthday and Anniversary, how is that any different? It's not. It doesn't have to be an Amway business; there are a lot of business's out there that cause people to miss important life events, even things like your child's first word. You think that waits until your home?

If any of you took the blinders off for just two seconds you would realize that jobs are no better off for people missing things than Amway Functions which by the way are planned out almost a year in advance. How far in advance are you told to work OT by your boss? An hour? Maybe a day or two?

Stop being so blinded by ignorance.

Take your head out of your ass.

Anonymous said...

that anon's brain is made of kool-aid.

rocket said...

Who says my lifestyle is unremarkable?

I think I do just fine financially and I am a respected person.

You'd rather be a social leper because that's what you are taught to want.

Think for yourself. Quit listening to people who profit from you.

Anonymous said...

In that case, anon at 5:01, why not attend family events in person and Amway events in spirit?

Anonymous said...

Actually, it sounds just like a CASSETTE TAPE.

Airy worthless platitudes. Amway does NOT take the place of family time. Our kids hated it no matter how much we went on and on about it's wonderfulness; how we could give them the best of everythihg - blah, blah, blah.

News flash: the best think you can give your kids is yourself! They don't give two shits about your accomplishments. They want you when they want and need you.

Do you honestly think Abraham Lincoln was pissed off at his parents for not being C.O.R.E.?

amway and ambots think waaaayyyyy too highly of themselves.

Joecool said...

The IBOs and uplines LOVE to talk about vertical alignment and family values until a family gathering conflicts with Amway. Then it becomes attending all functions - all means all.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5:01, how typical.
Amway consumes people and puts families on the back burner while you burn yourself out trying to achieve a next to impossible dream. I have seen brainwashed IBO's miss funerals, weddings and other important events because of this cult. The upline make you feel like a loser and shun you when you miss big functions. If this is your own business why would your upline be so adamant about your attendance other than the fact they make most of their income from the overpriced and useless functions where you hear the same canned crap over and over again.

Yes, you can't always attend everything even in the real world however I have never been made to feel like a loser for taking a vacation or attending a funeral by any employer I have worked for. Your Upline probably wouldn't show up at your funeral if it fell on a major function date.

***Former WWDB Lemming***

Anonymous said...

Former WWDB Lemming;

Exactly! If my b-day, anniversary, etc. falls on a work day and I go to work regardless, my boss does not say, "Way to go, Winner. Just by being here you are a success."

He also doesn't make you feel like shit if you decided you just had to give birth on a work day, or attend your mother's funeral.

Is it a Christian thing to do to ignore downline who don't make it to functions, be they local or major, and away? That's despicable.

Your upline is your friend when you are making him money, and at no other time.

Riddle me this ambots:

How many times have you called up your now 'out of the biz' downline just for a fun b-b-q? Hmmmmmm..................?

My guess is never, b/c you never were their friend.

Friends get together for no ulterior reason other than to enjoy each other's company. They don't recruit the crap out of each other.


Anonymous said...

such is life it go and go, there are more then one meeting going on. Major functions are in 3 or 4 places on 3 or 4 difference week ends if you can't find a way to plan your life you have more to look into more then crying about your failings in AMWAY and putting down people that are willing to do something with life, go back to your cubical and kiss up to your task master (boss) and keep your self tie to the ball and chain of work and don't forget to die happy in Smallville people that think small have the most to bitch about Quitter will never win and Winner will never Quit ,you have to do something so you better make it count and get happy doing it are you will just be miserable with life and have to look at tearing down the one that are making it happen .You who are crying give me give me more I can't do it for my self you are sucking from the system and are worthless any ways and will not amount to much any how this come from some one that was in WWDB and left but has nothing but good to say about the thing that I learned wily I was there things that have help me to accelerate in my other endeavors such as how to conduct my self and not cry about what you din't give me For I look up to the One that created Me MY GOD and Lord for He is where I relay on what I get

Anonymous said...

hey AMDOUCHE @9:19, guess what: amway is a bunch of horse shit, and surprise--i'm an ATHIEST! hahahahahahahahaha =P

*finger*...suck it.

**proud Amway hater**