Saturday, January 7, 2012

Amway IBOs Fighting For Good And Helping People?

One of the BS things our upline constantly told our group was that we were out there helping people and fighting for what is right in the world. That evil will triumph when good men fail to take action. I agree with this. That the AMOs have thrived because too many good people have ignored the problem and it hasn't gone away, only unnoticed by most. The result is probably millions of people over the years getting scammed out of their hard earned dollars via the "tool scam".

Let's dissect these issues and look at them one at a time. What exactly are you fighting as an IBO? Fighting against yourself? Your job? I know many uplines want you to think your job sucks, thus giving you motivation for joining and succeeding in Amway. Then the hook comes where they will tell you that tools are vital for your success. But you aren't fighting anything.

How about helping people? How do IBOs help people by enticing them to join Amway? While people are doing community service or other projects, IBOs are stalking people at malls looking for prospects or spening weekends at meeting and functions. How does this help anyone but the folks who profit from the functions? How are IBOs helping people? It's nice to believe that you are fighting or a cause or helping other people, but the fact is that most people make nothing or lose money by being involved in Amway, not even factoring in the time you may lose for family and friends.

I was once an IBO. I thought we were involved in a good cause. I did eventually realize that we weren't helping anyone. The only people we took interest in were potential AMway recruits. Everyone else was cannon fodder. Those who are familar have heard "some will, some won't so what? Next"!

IBOs are mostly good and hard working people. They have just been sucked into believing a false cause perpetuated by their upline. Most wake up and get out quickly as I did, but I believe the damage over the years is immense. I hope this blog provides some valuable insight for new and tenured IBOs and prospects.


Anonymous said...

What do you fight for? Who do you help JoeCool?
You keep bashing and criticizing Amway but what good you do for anyone?

Joecool said...

Well, let's see. Many people over the years have thanked me for providing valuable information and insight about the mysterious Amway business. Some of these folks were able to make well informed decisions about their choices of. I have many many thank you emails stored and archived.

Anonymous said...

Joecool helps and fights and does good for me, for one. If he only helped one person (me), isn't it worthwhile? Isn't that a WWDB mantra? ;-)

Put that in the pipe and smoke it Anon at 10:33 PM!


Anonymous said...

anon, do you get dumber with each passing year?

Anonymous said...

Anon Jan 7, go back to your lie infested scamway cult hole. Go read your books and listen to the tapes. Which by the way says the same thing over and over again. JoeCool helps people by keeping them away from your shit eating, piss drinking scamway cult.

DoAsISay said...

Joecool is standing up for all the IBOs who have had their lives "NEGATIVELY" impacted by Amway or should I say fellow IBOs who call themselves friends. Too many people have suffered financially, emotionally, and more important mentally from association with a MLM company that conducts business in an unethical manor. A quote comes to mind, that "a mind is a terrible thing to waste". Yet there are how many people in Amway who all think pretty much exactly alike. What a waste! Even a monkey can think for itself. A monkey sees a banana and says hey I want to eat that banana and does just that. An IBO sees a banana and says, I better ask my upline what to do. I realize my monkey analogy may seem a little dumb, but most of you IBOs can relate to it...GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN! SAVE YOUR MONEY, SAVE YOUR EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING, SAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOUR REAL FRIENDS AND FAMILY WHO ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT YOU! I leave you commission paid salesmen, aka IBOs, with this...If you were to die tomorrow you already know for a fact that your non-Amway friends and family would be at your funeral in tears, but what about all your Amway buddies? Some MIGHT show out of respect, SOME, but I wouldn't count on it.