Sunday, January 1, 2012

Amway And WWDB In 2012 - Not Much Has Changed?

There's one Amway apologist named Bridgett Baron who continually likes to use "old" and "outdated" as her source of criticism against Amway critics. She uses this feeble excuse as a means to defend Amway and WWDB. She claims that things have changed and that critic's experiences are old and invalid. She says some of these things despite the fact that she participates on the blog of a WWDB IBO who is saying the same things I heard as an IBO over 12 years ago. Bridgett is either wrong or purposely distorting the truth, apparently. I recently had a WWDB IBO email me with current WWDB documents and I will be posting the details below. It is exactly the same stuff I was told as an IBO more than 12 years ago. Old habits die hard I guess. The only difference is that as an IBO, we did not use the internet. Basically the rest is the same VERBATIM. So much for Bridgett Baron's credibility. Not that she had credibility..... I don't think she's very smart. :-)

Here's the details from the WWDB IBO's documents:

1. Membership with Amway Global
2. Meet the Bigger Team
3. Ditto on the First
4. Check your Team Website Daily and Listen to LIT Updates sent through e-mail

Build your business 5 nights a week!


1. STP 3-5x Each Week
2. Personal Circle (150PV Single/300PV Couples)
3. Customers (50PV Minimum)
4. Membership CD.s- Listen Daily
5. Read a Book from the Book List 15 min. Daily
6. Attend ALL Events / Game Day.s
7. Associate & Counsel regularly
8. Integrity & Accountability
9. Check your Team Website Daily and Listen to LIT Updates sent through e-mail

1. Power of Agreement . this means be willing to listen & learn, submit your ego & be teachable.
2. Power of Unity . unity with your growing upline & the bigger Dream Team
3. Power of the Spoken Word . speak positively, expecting the best from yourself & your business

1. Never mess with anyone's money (Is bankruptcy messing with someone's money?)
2. Never mess with anyone's ego
3. Never mess with anyone's spouse

1. Never embarrass your upline, downline, or crossline
2. Never pass negative downline or crossline
3. Never do anything for the first time without checking upline


Anonymous said...

"sesame street has been brought to you by the letters: B...and...S! courtesy of amway global, also known as quixtar, wwdb, bww, scamway, hades, dumb-n-Dumber, lies-n-more, MLMuck, deedle-dum, doodle-dee-doo, bippity-boppity-BOOOOOO! sesame street is a production of alticor corporation, with financial support from suckers like you!"

i'm so awesome it's not even funny.

suck on THIS, scambots! *finger* bwahahaha =P

**proud Amway hater**

Anonymous said...

No tower has ever been erected to a street named after a quitter..

Joecool said...

No tower has ever been named after a WWDB diamond.

No street named after diamond who quit.

Anonymous said...

There are two types of people. Everyone wants a tall tower. You can either tear the ones around you down to look and feel bigger, or the harder part is building your own, who cares if anyone puts it in your name.

Anonymous said...

I value your opinion but to me it seems like others who feel the need to act out are only showing a lack of faith. What you choose to believe is for you but to feel the need to put others down due to you not agreeing is wrong. I mean if your best friend liked the color blue but you liked the color red does that mean your friend is wrong or just has a different opinion then you? I hope that no offense is taken in this message I just see no point in forcing ones thoughts on others.

Anonymous said...

you just did. :p

Anonymous said...

That is a false dyad comparison, your rhetoric of your argument doesn't consider the fact that there are definitely more than two people.

Joecool said...


Vijay said...

can somebody give me ABO number of some person who is WWDB, i need to enroll my self in there education programme.

Anonymous said...

IBO# 7122581 You are more powerful than you'll ever know.